Do you want to make up when you are pregnant?Be sure to adhere to these 4 principles

Qianqian is a very beautiful girl. Listening to others, makeup can cause fetal malformations, especially lipstick and whitening products.Therefore, Qian Qian has never touched cosmetics since he knew that he was pregnant, but it didn’t take long for Qianqian to persist. Every time she went to work, shopping, and party, because of her full face, Qianqian never never never never had any more.In the past self -confidence, the whole person was dull.Cosmetics generally contain chemical ingredients, which will adversely affect the fetus, so can pregnant mothers really not make up during pregnancy?In fact, as long as these four principles are met, pregnant women can make makeup appropriately.


In fact, the actual impact of chemical elements on the surface of the skin has little impact on the fetus. Only the pregnant mothers with long -term heavy makeup and makeup will have a significant increase in fetal malformation rates.Those tedious makeup procedures, avoid thick makeup, just turn some basic light makeup.What needs to be noticed is those cosmetics that have the opportunity to enter the body through the mouth and nose, especially perfumes, lipstick, nail polish, etc., such as lipstick. It is easy to accompany the food into the stomach when eating., Make a safer lip balm instead of lipstick, or wipe the lipstick before eating, and eat it before eating, and the nail polish and perfume are transmitted through the smell. It is best not to use it.

Natural nature

In terms of cosmetics, safe and reliable pure natural products are the first choice for pregnant mothers.The main reason for people who cannot use cosmetics during pregnancy is because cosmetics will contain a large amount of chemical elements. These chemical elements will penetrate the skin and damage the skin of pregnant women in the fragile period, and even indirectly damage the fetus.Therefore, when choosing cosmetics, pregnant mothers should try to choose pure natural skin care products available for pregnant women.It is worth noting that the deeper the color, the less natural ingredients contained in the color. For example, compared to the strong lipstick, the natural lipstick color is always slightly lighter.

control time

During pregnancy, there are many skin problems of pregnant women. If we bring makeup for a long time, it may further damage the skin of pregnant women and increase the risk of chemical elements into the body.Therefore, even if pregnant women can make up, they should shorten the time to bring makeup as much as possible. It is best not to make up when it is unnecessary.However, non -makeup does not mean that pregnant women should stop all skin care products, and proper use of some moisturizing products to moisturize the skin is needed by pregnant women.


When removing makeup in pregnant women, pay special attention to the cleaning problem of cosmetics. Be sure to remove the makeup.On the one hand, when choosing cosmetics, you must choose easy to clean and non -residual safety products. On the other hand, when choosing cleaning products, you must choose strong cleaning ability, but you must confirm whether it contains alcohol.It contains alcohol, which is harmful to pregnant women.

Do you remember the principles of makeup during pregnancy?What cosmetics do you usually use during pregnancy?Welcome to communicate with you.

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