Do you know how to save the picking green pepper?

“”In my hometown of Yuxi area, the current season is picking up green pepper.The peppermint trees in the mountains are lush and vibrant, and they are crowded and bent the branches lively and full of green, fresh and full peppercorns.The breeze brushed, and the flavor of peppercorns exuding the flavor of fragrant flavor came. Can you not be anesthetized by peppercorns?

The most beautiful key is that you do n’t need money to take off the peppercorns, you can take it home.[No sound]

The cousin called and asked me to go back to my hometown early to pick up green pepper.I drove the car in her courtyard dam early in the morning and stopped.

The cousin took out the prepared sickle, scissors and baskets. We put the sickle and scissors in the basket, and went straight to the peppercorns on the hillside.

I came to the ground and observed the pepper tree seriously. The branches of the trees were covered with green leaves. Under the leaves of each branch, the leaves were covered with green pepper.With the spike of the thorns, the thorns that protect the peppercorns with each of the peppercorns are available. I look at it left and right. I can’t get started to pick it!

The cousin hooked the branches of the peppercorns with a sickle, and asked me to cut it with a scissors with a scissors.At the same time, I also told me that the peppercorns I eat should be kept on top of the peppercorns.

After picking up, a burst of mountain breeze, what stabbed my eyes, and hurriedly rubbed my eyes with my hands. At this time, the cousin ran over and told me, do not rub my eyes and touch my arms with the hands of peppercorns and touch my arms.When you touch it, you will feel numb and red.

My God, there are so many particular attention to picking peppercorns, it is not easy to plant peppercorns. It is necessary to pay attention to the unique natural environment and superior climate conditions.Every cultivation fruit.

After a while, I picked so many green peppers and returned.But the question is, so many green peppercipples -the lower son can’t finish it. Do you know how to save it?Tell me the comment area!

How do I keep these green peppercorns now?

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