Do you feel "stinky" during pregnancy, is it really or illusory?4 tricks to help you "fragrant" during pregnancy

It is normal for expectant mothers to experience "heavier" during pregnancy, but most of them are not as bad as you think.

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Pregnancy is undoubtedly very happy for women. The kind of joy that is about to be a mother will make expectant mothers full of expectations, but at the same time, it is not good for pregnancy. Various changes in the body will make the pregnant mother caught off guard.

Some changes can make people very embarrassing, such as the whole person "becoming stinky".

Yesterday I chatted in the group, and a novice mother asked a question that she had been tangled for a long time. Why did she find that she became "stinky" after pregnancy?

Xiao Xie and Xiao Li Gang were married shortly. Because of the tightness in the family, the couple listed the baby to plan, everything went smoothly, and she succeeded shortly after preparing for pregnancy.

Both are novice, and they are not experienced about pregnancy and baby. From the beginning of learning that Xiao Xie’s pregnancy, the couple have always been a cautious life. Every day, they will make up for various knowledge.fetus.

With the advancement of pregnancy time, Xiao Xie found that he seemed to have become "stinky", and once complained with Xiao Li, but the husband said, "Indeed, it is a bit heavier, but I didn’t feel so smelly."

As a result, Xiao Xie always talked about things. Xiao Li felt that his wife was an emotional problem during pregnancy, and he was too aggressive.And Xiao Xie felt that her husband was perfunctory, and even cried once.

Not only Xiaoxie, many Baoma also had similar experiences. Before pregnancy, before pregnancy, the fresh and refreshing taste was originally "stinky" when she was pregnant?

In fact, this is a very common during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers do not need to embarrass, nor do they have to feel difficult.

1) Elimination of body taste

First of all, the most fundamental reason is that the taste of expectant mothers is indeed heavier, because pregnancy can cause a significant change in the level of hormone secretion in the expectant mothers.The sense of appreciation becomes heavier.This change is particularly obvious in armpits and private parts.

In addition, improper diet during pregnancy can also lead to heavier, such as lacking some kinds of vegetables in the diet, or eating too much food like onion like onion, which will also cause the body taste to become heavier.

2) Sweat secretion too much

In addition to hormones, increased sweat secretion can also cause heavier body taste.Because the amount of sweat of expectant mothers during pregnancy will increase, the temperature will become higher, and the number of baths will decrease. The whole body will naturally become heavier, and the expectant mothers will become "stinky".

The example of Xiao Xie and Xiao Li above also mentioned a little bit. Xiao Xie felt that her husband was perfunctory, while her husband Xiao Li felt that his wife was making trouble unreasonably, and his appreciation was really heavier, but far from his wife said so seriously.

In fact, no one of them is lying. For everyone to feel, the body taste of pregnant women will indeed be heavier, but the taste we smell must not have a heavy taste that the pregnant mother smells.Why is this?

The reason is still the pregnant mother itself, because the hormone secretion changes not only the body taste, but also the sense of smell of the pregnant mother. It is still under the influence of the "estradiol" hormone, and the pregnant mother’s sense of smell will become extremely sensitive.

Therefore, the pregnant mother will feel that the taste is very heavy.The smell of others may not be too serious.

Pregnant mothers want to relieve the problems caused by the worsening of the body, and they must first make changes from their habits.

1) Take a bath twice a day

Because of the special circumstances of pregnancy, if the pregnant mother used to take a bath every day, she should try to wash it twice a day. After taking a bath, dry the body, and use some refreshing powder to keep the body dry.

If the conditions are not allowed to take a bath twice a day, then at least ensure that you wipe your body with a wet towel before going to bed every day.To ensure the cleansing of the body.

2) Wash your hair at least once every two days

If the conditions permit, try to wash your hair 3 to 4 times a week. Remember to dry your hair after washing, and then clean up the comb in time.Make sure the comb is clean and tidy.

3) Change clothes every day

Pregnant mothers need to change clothes every day during pregnancy, especially underwear, be sure to change it frequently, and keep the clothes of the clothes as much as possible to choose cotton or linen texture. Such clothes are warm, sweat -absorbing and breathable.

When cleaning clothes, if you find the taste of the clothes, you can soak it with white vinegar for 15 minutes, remove the taste before cleaning.

4) Ensure diet health

The importance of diet health during pregnancy is self -evident, and pregnant mothers must pay attention.

The first is to ensure drinking water. About 3 bottles of water (1.5L) per day is the most suitable. If you catch up with the hot weather or participate in exercise, you need to drink more.

Secondly, in the choice of food, try to avoid or reduce food intake of heavy taste, such as onions, garlic, and so on.You can eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and reasonably match some fish and egg milk.This can alleviate the problem of body taste.

Koi Mommy has something to say

After doing these above, I believe that most pregnant mothers’ experience problems can be solved, but if you still feel that your own experience is very serious, please consult a doctor.

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