Do you eat the "taboo" and "necessary" diet during pregnancy?

For pregnant women, eating is the top priority. After all, what eats in is the needs of two people.I remember my wife was pregnant at the time, and I had paid attention to diet during pregnancy. I did not expect that at 24 weeks of pregnancy, I was confirmed to have gestational diabetes.

At that time, she was unacceptable, but she was very lucky. Fortunately, it was checked early.She quit sugar thoroughly and regrings the diet structure again.

Especially in daily life, it is mainly based on fine rice, and they are the largest source of sugar.In order to control the intake of sugar and obey the advice of the doctor, the staple food during pregnancy is basically the main food, such as quinoa miscellaneous grains and buckwheat noodles.

According to nutritional needs, the nutrition that you need to consume every day is divided.The second is the change in the order of eating. Each meal starts with greens, followed by protein, and finally a staple food. After eating, the gastrointestinal burden of pregnant women is the least burden, and the nutrition is better absorbed.

At the same time, the amount of dinner for pregnant women is also particular, and no matter how delicious it is, they can’t eat too much, as long as they are full.Try to eat less meals.Even if she wants to eat sweets, she only let her eat it, instead of eating unsatisfactoryly.

In this way, not only can he control blood sugar during pregnancy, but also eat very healthy and not easy to edema. The state of the whole person of pregnant women is much better than before, and the spirit is better.

Therefore, Baoma, if you have the same situation as my wife, don’t be afraid, check and control in time, listen to the doctor’s suggestions, and integrate the correct control of sugar to daily life, you don’t have to worry too much.

In addition to paying attention to sugar control during pregnancy, we must also pay attention to taboo, such as the pentistic virus, mainly because the food is not clean, which leads to infection.Therefore, the mothers of pregnancy must pay attention.

Although many things cannot be eaten for the time being, you need to restrain yourself slightly, but your efforts are worth it.

After all, the demand for the growth of a fetus depends on the mother.The ingredients that the mother’s intake in food will pass through blood, placenta, and umbilical cord to the fetus’s body.Therefore, the diet of pregnant women is closely related to the health of the baby.

I hope that every Baoma can avoid stepping on the thunder during the dietary journey during pregnancy, give birth to a lovely baby, and gain a good eating habit and a healthy body.


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