Do you do your homework during ovulation or not?Understand the ovulation abnormally

Women have two ovaries, growing in the pelvic cavity, on both sides of the uterus.After entering adolescence, ovarian starts to mature under the stimulation of gonad hormones.After the fertility period, women’s menstrual tide means that they have began to have fertility and ovulation began to ovulate.Women with regular menstruation, the ovaries are discharged from an egg every month, and menstruation will come without half a month after pregnancy.

As we all know, there is ovulation to get pregnant. "The clever woman is difficult to cook without rice", without rice, no matter how good the kitchen utensils can make good food.Many women have been pregnant for a long time, and they are still inaccurate. When they go to the hospital for examination, they find that they have abnormal ovulation.What is going on?Let’s talk about it today.

Ovulation abnormalities should be medically called ovulation disorders, including scarcity or ovulation without ovulation. This is a disease that needs to be treated, because in addition to infertility, abnormal ovulation can also cause other problems that affect women’s health.

◆ Women infertility have regular menstruation and normal ovulation. These are prerequisites for pregnancy.If there is no egg exclusion, there is no combination of eggs and sperm, and fertilized eggs cannot be formed normally, which will induce women infertility.In the study of the 8500 infertile couples incorporated by the World Health Organization, ovulation disorders accounted for 25%of female infertility factors.

◆ Menstrual irregular women’s ovulation disorders means that ovarian function is abnormal.The entire menstrual cycle is divided into the follicle period and the luteal stage. Only after ovulation can the luteal stage smoothly enter the luteal period, prepare for menstruation.The follicle period refers to the time of maturity of follicles. If the ovaries cannot be discharged from the follicles and there are ovulation disorders, menstruation will not come later, and even amenorrhea will occur.Long time, non -menstrual bleeding, functional disorders, uterine hemorrhage, etc., will not only affect the endometrium, but also affect ovarian function. Therefore, when the menstruation occurs abnormal, it must attract high attention.Menstruation is a "barometer" for women’s health.

◆ Patients affecting some ovulation disorders have poor ovarian development, which will cause abnormal secretion of sex hormone, affecting women with the second development of women, such as hair, voice, form, etc.Essence

Some women say, "My menstruation is very regular every month, and I also use the ovulation test strip to show ovulation. Why can’t I get pregnant?" Of course, there will be this situation.The ovarian can develop mature follicles in normal menstruation, but because of various reasons, the follicles are not ruptured and discharged, and finally shrinking directly to form luteum.In this way, menstruation can still be normal, and there are more regular menstruation as normal people, but it is infertile.

The measurement of ovulation test paper and the basics of the basics can be simply judged at home to determine whether to ovulate, but the accuracy rate of these methods is not 100 %. The measurement of basic body temperature will have errors because of poor methods and physical conditions.There may be fake positive.Because the test strip detects the luteal -produced concentration in the urine, a false positive test result will also occur when suffering from certain nervous system diseases or thyroid diseases, or hormone drugs.When it is monitored for 3-6 months in a row, there is still no pregnancy after the same room on time. At this time, it is recommended to go to the hospital for an overcast follicles. See if the bottom is ovulation. This is the gold standard for judging whether ovulation.

The ovaries are normally excreted from egg cells. This is the primary condition for pregnancy. If ovulation does not have ovulation, it must not be pregnant. About 18-25%of patients in infertility are caused by ovulation disorders, so if there may be ovulation, there may be ovulation.If you are a problem, you must go to the hospital in time.

Some people say that my ovulation was normal before, and menstruation was normal. Why did I suddenly occur?In fact, the pathological mechanism of abnormal ovulation is very complicated, with more than 100 types of etiology. It is classified in clinical clinical cases. The various common representative diseases are as follows:

1) The central cause of the hypothalamus: ① neuroma anorexia, such as not eating well for a long time, inappropriate weight loss, not eating rice noodles carbohydrates, or vomiting after eating.The ovarian atrophy of the uterine ovarian; ② obesity, the weight index exceeds the standard, and the intake of high calories, high sugar, and high oil foods.③ Excessive exercise, insufficient energy intake, etc.

2) Pyrtenodynosis: ① Hyplaviacmia; ② Pyphoid adenoma; ③ Sidam Settings syndrome.

3) Ovarian causes: ① Premature ovarian failure; ②Turner syndrome; ③ Congenital gonad dysplasia; ④ polycystic ovary syndrome; ⑤ ovarian resistance syndrome; ⑥ luteal function is insufficient; ⑦ ⑦ ⑦ ⑦ follicles do not rupture syndrome;Proliferative disease; ovarian ovarian has endocrine functional tumors.

4) Other endocrine glands: ① Congenital adrenal cortex hyperplasia; ②Cushing syndrome; ③ adrenal function is low; ④ abnormal thyroid function.

When you find that the menstruation is abnormal, or if the ovulation test strips are not measured, if you are preparing for more than one year or you are not pregnant, you must be alert to whether there is an ovulation abnormalities. You need to go to the hospital for examination. What are the specifically to do?

Checking hormones: Most ovulation disorders are endocrine diseases, which can be manifested as abnormal hormone levels. First of all, you need to check hormones. After the third to five days of menstruation, you can choose one day for blood.Wait, you can evaluate the function of the ovary.

If there are obesity, excessive weight gain, general body or areola, heavy umbilical hair, facial, chest and back acne, groin, neck, areola, pigmentation, dark skin, etc.It may also need to further do a sugar tolerance experiment and insulin level to see if there is abnormal sugar tolerance or insulin resistance.

Conditional hospitals also recommend checking AMH, which is also an indicator for predicting ovarian function.

The germ hormone emphasizes the measurement time requirements. Some values must be repeatedly verified, and the relationship between the measurement values of each hormone must be analyzed.Other endocrine indicators such as cortisol, thyroid function, endorphylin, 17 hydroxymone, pituitary excitement test, and dexamethasone inhibitory test can be used for the patient’s condition to help diagnose the cause and degree of ovulation disorders.

If the prolactin is increased, you need to do pituitary gland CT or magnetic resonance examination if necessary.

Do B -ultrasound: Do the uterine ovarian ultrasound test to see if there are ovarian tumors, estimate the number of ovarian sinus follicles, continuously dynamically monitor the follicles development of ovarian, and determine whether there is ovulation.

After finding the cause, symptomatic treatment, and then observe the recovery of ovulation.Some polycystic ovary, obesity, and neurological anorexia patients can return to normal ovulation after improving their lifestyle, but many people can’t do it. This requires ovulation treatment.Doctors will develop a suitable ovulation -promoting solution according to different situations. Not everyone is the same. You may not be able to use it by others.

At present, the examination and treatment of abnormal ovulation are relatively mature and safe. If there are abnormal ovulation, remember to seek a doctor in time, do not taboo diseases and doctors, so as not to delay the pregnancy time, and it is not conducive to your physical health.(Small programs have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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