Do women and children have frequent urination during pregnancy?

Ms. Li, Chongqing, I am pregnant. I often want to go to the toilet. The number of urination has increased significantly. It is also accompanied by symptoms such as urgency and pain.In the face of these issues, how should I deal with it?

Answer: Frequent urination is the most prone to symptoms and troubles that expectant mothers.About half of the pregnant women in the early pregnancy will have frequent urination. By the third trimester, nearly 80%of pregnant women are troubled by frequent urination, which brings great inconvenience to life, and also seriously affects sleep quality.This is mainly because the gradual increased uterus and fetal head are squeezed into the bladder, so that the expectant mothers have urine, and then develop into frequent urination.

The bladder is located in front of the uterus. When 3 months of pregnancy, the enlarged uterus can stimulate the bladder in front of the bladder and frequent urination symptoms.In the middle and late stages, the uterus slowly increased in the abdominal cavity, and the stimulation symptoms of the bladder were alleviated.After 28 weeks of pregnancy, irregular uterine contraction (uterine harden) can occur in normal times. Once the contraction stimulates the bladder, there will also be frequent symptoms of urine.

Entering the late pregnancy, about 38 weeks, the fetal head drops into the pelvis, and it will compress the bladder and frequent urination symptoms.During the day, the uterus that the expectant mothers stood or sat in the uterus compressed the large blood vessels in the abdomen, causing intravenous backflow of the lower limbs, decreased kidney blood flow, and decreased urine during the day.In bed at night, the compression of the lower cavity of the lower cavity has decreased, increasing kidney blood flow, and increasing nighturia. This is a normal physiological phenomenon for breeding babies.However, if there are symptoms such as drinking, urine, and increasing weight, you should seek medical treatment in time to eliminate the possibility of gestational diabetes.

Although frequent urination is a normal phenomenon during pregnancy, some pathological signs cannot be ignored.After pregnancy, due to the movement of the ureter and bladder, the urine accumulates in the urethra, which makes the bacteria easy to reproduce, so urinary tract infections are prone to occur.

If the expectant mothers have pain when they urinate, or urgency is unbearable, it is recommended to check the urine routine to see if there is a urinary system infection and other diseases.4 to 12 weeks of pregnancy is a sensitive period for fetal terators. The medication should be used carefully under the guidance of a doctor, but it is not absolutely disabled. You can first drink a lot of water, urinate multiple times, rinse the bladder and urethra to reduce the bacteria in the urinary system in the urinary system.Stom -in, and then properly use anti -inflammatory drugs.Li Zhen, deputy director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Xinqiao Hospital of the Third Army Medical University

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