Do pregnant women need to cut their hair after pregnancy?Several rumors about "cut hair", do not blindly believe in pregnant mothers

Early in the morning, a topic of "should I cut my hair during pregnancy?" In the morning, the discussion was hot. It was a pregnant mother who was pregnant for seven months.So entanglement and want to ask everyone’s opinions. As a result, some people suggested to cut. Some people recommend it, and in the end, they did not set "it was cut or stayed."

After pregnancy, do pregnant women cut their hair?When I was pregnant, my colleague suggested letting me cut my hair. The reason is that I will be more afraid of fever after pregnancy. I just caught up with a summer during pregnancy. In addition, my hair itself was longer, so my colleagues suggested that I cut my hair.My mother also suggested to let me cut my hair. She felt that my hair was too long, and her belly was big, and it would be very inconvenient to take a bath and wash my hair. I was afraid that I was in danger.Later, I felt that my hair was very good during pregnancy (the cause of hormones during pregnancy). I was not willing to cut it. At the full moon, my hair had reached the waist. I started to lose hair after giving birth in the baby for two or three months.Only cut hair.Therefore, my suggestion is: it is good to determine according to your preferences and actual situation.If you don’t like to keep your hair short, you can cut it shorter. If you like long hair, you can keep it. It’s troublesome when washing your hair. Other things are not special.

Several rumors about "hair" during pregnancy, pregnant mothers must know ✘ 1. After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s hair is too long and the fetus grabs nutrition.This is obviously incorrect.① First of all, the pregnant mother does not leave long hair without affecting the nutritional absorption of the fetal baby.During pregnancy, pregnant mothers will consume a lot of nutrients, and only a small part of the hair is absorbed, most of which are entered the blood circulation, and some of them will be supplied to the fetus growth and development through the placenta.② Secondly, the nutritional absorption of the fetus is related to whether the fetus is healthy and the child’s nutritional intake.The health of the fetus: If the fetus is developing normally, it will fully absorb the nutrition of the mother and baby; how much is the nutritional intake of pregnant mothers: in the third trimester, the fetus grows rapidly, whether it is height or weight, it is double growth.EssenceTherefore, pregnant mothers must make up for nutrition and eat some high -protein, low -salt, low -fat, and low -sugar foods to meet the needs of the baby’s growth and development, but it is also "moderate".Giant.

能 2. Do not touch the pair during pregnancy, and the scissors can easily hurt the fetus’s fetal gas.This is certainly no scientific basis.It does n’t matter if you do n’t touch the scissors during pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers will be handicraft during pregnancy. It will inevitably use scissors, but it does not have an impact on the fetus.Xie Na did a lot of handicrafts during pregnancy and often shared on her personal social platform, and her twin babies were really enviable.However, during pregnancy, if pregnant mothers use sharp and sharp items such as scissors, they must pay attention to safety and anxious to avoid hurting themselves and hurting the baby.

剪 3. Cut the baby’s hair on the baby will cut the baby’s "cleverness" with the hair, which will affect the baby’s intelligence.This is obviously no scientific basis.Factors affecting the intelligence of fetal babies are mainly these aspects: ① Genetic factors: If Bao Da Bao Mom has a genetic disease that affects intellectual development, it is recommended to strictly conduct pre -pregnancy examinations.② Some influencing factors during pregnancy: If taking drugs that affect the development of the fetus during pregnancy, the pregnant mother lives in an environment with pollution or radiation, which will affect the intellectual development of the fetus; in addition, if the pregnant mother smokes and drinks during pregnancy, it will also affect the fetus.The maturity of the development of the nervous system affects intellectual development.③ "acquired cultivation" after birth: Especially at the age of 0 to 3, the baby’s brain is at the peak of development. Parents can grasp this critical period and pay attention to developing and cultivating the baby’s intelligence. It is very important.里 4. If there is a boy in his belly, cut his hair to cut off the root of the boy.This statement is even more torn, and there is no scientific basis.Because the gender of the fetus has been set as long as the fertilized egg is formed.It will not change the sex of the fetus because of some of the behaviors of the pregnant mother, and there is no way to change at all after forming fertilized eggs.

Some pregnant mothers cut their hair during pregnancy, mainly considering these points ① pregnancy: short hair is easy to take care and clean.We all know that pregnant mothers are affected by hormone levels during pregnancy, and they will change greatly in the shape of the body.It is also easy to save time.Especially in the hot summer, the temperature of the pregnant woman itself is higher than that of normal people. If the hair is too long, it is easier to increase the sweating of the pregnant mother and feel hotter.② During the confinement period: The mother who affects cleaning and beauty has just given birth to the baby. Due to weak bodies, it is not recommended to wash your hair a few days after giving birth, and even some people do not wash your hair for a month.If the hair is long, sweating during confinement, not cleaning for a long time will not only affect the overall beauty, but also messy and easy to knot.③ Postpartum: reduced postpartum hair loss, and the baby always grabs the mother’s head for a while after the baby has occurred. The postpartum mother will have postpartum hair loss. If it is long hair, it will look more obvious and seem a lot, which will increase the anxiety of the pregnant mother;If the hair is short, it will be much better. It does not look like a large group, not so serious.In about 4 months, the baby’s grabbing ability gradually enhances. When the mother holds her baby, the baby often grabs her mother’s ears and hair.If the hair is longer, it is easy to grab the pain, and it is more likely to be caught by the baby.

In short, regarding the problem of "cutting hair" during pregnancy, the pregnant mother decides according to the situation. There is not much attention, and you don’t have to be too tangled.If you like short hair, simple and convenient, cut short hair, you can keep it if you like to leave long hair, you don’t feel trouble.Of course, after the baby is born, it is also very convenient to start with hair loss and then cut.

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