Do pregnant women cut their hair short?Some people say that long hair will grab the child’s nutrition, what do people say?

In fact, this statement is incomplete. Although the hair is composed of keratin, the hair does need nutrients when growing, and the malnutrition hair will be split and yellow.Say it is Jiu Niu a hair!More importantly, during pregnancy, the body’s nutrition will choose to supply the fetus first.Besides, even if the hair is short, the nutrients needed for hair growth.

So, should you have short hair during pregnancy?

Pregnant women have long hair and short hair. There are no medical pros and cons. This is depending on personal habits. Some pregnant mothers think that long hair is easy to take care of, and some think that short hair is easy to take care of.Let’s see what the people say!

In fact, the benefits of short hair are more:

1. Short hair is easy to dry after washing, and it is not easy to get cold; short hair must be blown up, and pregnant mothers with long hair, especially the hair volume, may not be easy to take care of or dry.

2. Short hair can make the body temperature of pregnant mothers not be too high; after pregnancy, pregnant women will have a higher physical temperature than before pregnancy. Short hair can make the pregnant mother’s body more comfortable and reduce the heat of the body.

3. Pregnant mothers who are prone to hair can cut their hair shorter. When I confinement, there are still many drops of long hair on the bed, which is inconvenient to clean up.

4. In the future, the child will breastfeed the child. If the hair is long, the child will catch the mother’s hair.And the mother’s hair is next to the baby, the baby will feel itchy and uncomfortable.

What kind of hairstyle is suitable for pregnant mothers?

If you are not willing to cut into short hair, you can choose medium and long hair to take care of the hairstyle of the ponytail, which also looks clean.Or cut Qi Liu Hai to the length of the high eyebrows, and the combing is convenient. On both sides of the cheeks, the hair of the cheeks is slightly blocked by the cheeks. It can modify the somewhat swollen face of the pregnant mother. It is easy to take care of the hair salon in the future.It is generally not recommended to stay too long, after all, it is inconvenient to take care of it.

The new hot mom Nana also cut her long hair short

How do pregnant mothers wash their hair?

Before shampooing, use a wide -toothed comb to combine the hair. As soon as you reduce the tangled hair and pull the hair during the shampoo, and sort out some of the hair to make it easy to clean up later.It is best to wash it on the back. For a long time when washing your hair, you can easily hold your baby forward.

Then the mother who had given birth to a baby said that:

ABBY’s mother: "I don’t have to cut short hair during pregnancy. As long as Baoma usually washs her hair and wash her hair, she can continue to retain long hair."

Fei Fei’s mother: "My understanding is that it will be troublesome if staying in late pregnancy. If you are heavy, you are a bit very sharp to take care of yourself. In addition, the custom of our hometown is that you cannot wash your hair for a month.It ’s okay to say that it’ s good, and it ’s hot when it’ s hot. ”

Tong Tong’s mother: "My two children are long hair. When you take a confinement, you should take care of it. It is true that you must cut short hair."

Mother Carry: "I cut short hair at the time because: 1. It is convenient for personal hygiene to take care. 2. It is convenient for the baby. 3. Prevent children from grabing., Accelerate growth metabolism and convenient breastfeeding. "

Chu Yan’s mother: "This is not necessarily. Many of my friends have always had long hair, but cutting short hair may be better and save trouble."

Since the length of the hair is not medical and disadvantaged for pregnant mothers, can pregnant mothers be determined according to their own habits. Do you think it is necessary to cut your hair shorter during pregnancy?The comments below your opinion can help other mothers ~

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