Do not use water directly in the fungus, which is equivalent to eating insect eggs. The chef teaches you to do it correctly and use it real.

When people reach middle -aged and elderly people, it is recommended that you eat more bacterial foods, because most of the fungus foods are rich in nutrients such as amino acids, sugar compounds, multiple vitamins, etc. These substances not only have the effect of prolonging life, but alsoCan enhance immunity.

Fungus is a relatively common ingredients. It has rich nutrients in it. Usually, you often use fungus to make some dishes in your home. Eating more fungus still has a lot of benefits to us.

Fungus is a common edible bacteria with pale brown color and looks like human ear.The fungus is crispy and delicious, delicious, rich in a lot of protein, carbohydrates, iron, calcium, phosphorus, carotene and other nutrients.It has the effects of nourishing blood, detoxification, prevention of cancer, and prevention of thrombosis.Especially middle -aged and elderly people should eat more.

Although many people like to eat fungus, the dried wooden ear is too long, and it is easy to hide various insect eggs or other dirty things. Therefore, before eating the fungus, you must clean the black fungus thoroughly.

Today, I will share with you 2 kinds of fungus. Let’s take a look.

Recommended recipe: fried fungus

Hello everyone, the fungus is usually stir -fry or cold, and they are tired of eating. Today, I will share with you a new way of eating. The operation is simple and the whole family loves to eat.

1. First of all, we prepare an appropriate amount of fungus, put it in a larger bowl, put a spoonful of flour, then add a spoonful of salt, pour the appropriate amount of warm water, and grab it with your hands.

2. The flour has a strong adsorption effect. Putting the flour can be washed away the stains of the fungus well. Adding an appropriate amount of salt can reduce the time of soaking hair fungus.After grabbing well, soak the fungus aside, about half an hour.

3. Our fungus has been soaked, clean it, remove it and put it in another larger bowl, pour the appropriate amount of water, and clean it. At this time, our fungus has been cleaned.It is particularly clean, remove it and put it in the vegetable basket to control water for later use.

4. Next, get three eggs into a larger bowl, put a little salt, appropriate amount of pepper, appropriate amount of pepper, appropriate amount of fragrant, and appropriate chicken powder, stir it with chopsticks.

5. Put another spoonful of flour, a spoonful of corn starch, the ratio of flour and starch 1: 1, then stir it with chopsticks into yogurt, then pour in an appropriate amount of edible oil, stir it with chopstickEdible oil, it will be more fragrant.

6. After stirring, pour the fungus in and stir it with chopsticks to make the fungus wrap a layer of batter evenly.Take a look at this state.

7. Burn oil in the pot, burn the oil temperature to 50 % heat, and then put the fungus one by one. We will open the fire all the time.Wrap the batter, do not have too high oil temperature, and don’t fire too much, so it will not explode.

8. Fried until three minutes, fry the fungus until golden, you can remove the oil control and put it in a beautiful plate.

9, sprinkle with cumin powder to enjoy it beautifully.The fungus of the fungus is particularly crispy and delicious. It is a good choice for drinking wine and meals or as small snacks.

Recommended recipe 2: green onion burning fungus

1. Today, I will share with you a burning fungus. First of all, the fungus is soaked in cold water in advance. The scallion diagonal knife is cut into a section.

2. Then adjust the ingredients and add salt to the pot.Chicken essence and oyster sauce, add more soy sauce and old soy sauce and old soy sauce than usual. The fungus itself is black, and it will not affect any color. After the sauce of this dish, the water should be a little more.High -quality potato starch, stir well and adjust it to the ingredients for later use.

3. After boiling the water in the pot below, put it in the fungus and simmer. Here, the water of the water is to make the flavor of the fungus more crispy and tender, and it can also be cleaned. Pour out the water for about a minute.

4. Then add oil in the pot to heat, and then stir -fry the green onions. What shape does this onion cut? I feel that the difference is not large, because the frying time is relatively long, it can be scattered.This kind of coke is brilliant, and then put in green peppers and black fungus.

5. Why does the fungus explode?It should be noted here that when the oil temperature must be low, put the fungus when the oil temperature is low, the oil temperature is high, the fungus’s preheating expansion will explode, pour the ingredients into the pot quickly, first of allFry the garlic over 12345, wrap it with the soup, and leave the pan to put it in a pan.

6, a piece of green onion burned fungus, the fungus is done, the nutrition is delicious, the color and fragrance are all, the wine and the meal, the whole family on the table loves to eat.Friends who like it, try it quickly.

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