Do not have the same room during menstruation!What is the harm of the same room during menstruation?Remember 6 dangers

Most people know that menstruation is a special period for women every month.This period cannot be the same room, it should pay attention to nourishment.However, some stupid people always want to try the "blood war", and some people think that the effect of contraception during the menstruation during menstruation can achieve the effect of contraception. Is the idea of these practices right? Let ’s take a look.

Can the same room in the same period be effective?

Although the probability of pregnancy in the ovulation period is the highest, women’s ovulation period is not completely regular, so the probability of pregnancy cannot be completely ruled out during menstrual periods.Although the probability of pregnancy will be relatively low, the probability of pregnancy is 0 and 1, and the probability is 1 again. The abortion will not only hurt a innocent child, but also cause damage to his body.

What are the dangers of the same room during menstruation?

1. Affects the fallopian tube and pelvic organs

Men can easily bring bacteria into the vagina.Meridal blood is a good medium for bacteria and other microorganisms.Menstrual rooms are likely to cause bacterial breeding. There are many tiny wounds and rupture small blood vessels along the endometrium of the uterine, which causes endometrial infection and even affects the tubal and pelvic organs, which eventually endangers women’s health.

2. As a result of extension of menstruation

Menstrual love can cause female excitement, female genital congestion, increased menstrual flow, and prolonged period.

3. Ascend the endometrium abnormal level

Menstruation is in the same room, because when sexual impulses, women’s uterus will shrink, and the endometrium fragments will also squeeze into the pelvic cavity, causing the endometrium to be abnormal and induced infertility.

4, lead to infertility

Harm of menstrual roommates: Menstruation loves to meet in the damaged uterine endometrial hemorrhage because of the mirror, and some even enter the blood, which may produce anti -sperm antibodies and eventually lead to immune infertility.

5. vaginitis

Merced by period will not only endanger women’s health, but also cause harm to men.Because of the menstrual roommates, the menstrual secretions will enter the male urethra, which eventually causes urethritis.

6. As a result

Many people choose menstruation to contraception.However, studies have found that sperm can survive in the fallopian tube for three days.In other words, if your ovulation period is short or irregular, then you are likely to "hit".

The same room during menstruation will bring great harm to health. Whether it is for their own health or the health of the other half, women should not have the same room in menstrual periods in any case.It is best to applaud for three days after the end of menstruation and completely clean menstruation.

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