Do not blindly try the tubal through the fallopian tube?These consequences are likely

Wallopian clogging is one of the important causes of female infertility. For patients, the inferiority of the fallopian tube is easy to understand.If you do n’t know, you ca n’t get pregnant; usually there is no problem.But if you are not smooth, you feel a little hard to understand, or is it unpopular or not?

What is the fallopian tube without smoothness?

The fallopian tube is not smooth, also known as the incomplete fallopian tube blockage. It refers to the occurrence of blockage and adhesion of the lumen of the fallopian tube due to various factors.Essence

Can the fallopian tubes get pregnant?

When it comes to the influence of the fallopian tube, many people will have a chance. They believe that the fallopian tube is not unprepared and the impact on pregnancy is not great, so the trial pregnancy is performed without treatment.This is actually a very dangerous thing.

First, the fallopian tube is a life channel.When the follicles in the ovaries mature, they will be discharged regularly.The fallopian tube is not only a place for receiving eggs, but also a place for sperm and eggs.

Secondly, regardless of whether the eggs are fertilized, the fallopian tube will send the eggs into the uterus.If fertilization and success, there will be embryos in the uterus. If the fertilization is unsuccessful, the eggs will be excreted with the secretion.

However, infertility occurs when the fallopian tube is completely closed.When the fallopian tube adhesion, the fallopian tube cannot be very good to send the fertilized eggs to the uterus, thereby increasing the chance of infertility and ectopic pregnancy.Once the ectopic pregnancy is not treated in time, it will syncope lightly, and in severe cases, hemorrhagic shock will occur.

Is the fallopian tube unprecedented, is it taking medicine or surgery?

In most cases, the fallopian tubes are unreasonable and need surgery.After the fallopian tubal angiography, the lesion site, whether there is water and the cause, and the cause of the lesion can be performed before surgery can be performed.There are many causes of fallopian tubes, such as inflammation, endometriosis, congenital development, gynecological tumors, and tuberculosis.

Drug treatment can be used during the inflammation.However, when the fallopian tube has been damaged and led, the drug treatment effect is not great, and surgery is still needed.

Reminder: Patients with dysplasia of fallopian tubes should be treated in a timely manner, and then test pregnancy in combination with their own situation.At the same time, it is also important to prevent fallopian tube blockage, especially for personal hygiene.In addition, if you do not intend to have children, we must take contraceptive measures to reduce the number of people.

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