Do Mom want to know the sex of the baby in her belly?See what kind of baby dreams you have made!

As a second -born mother, I believe many expectant mothers who are pregnant want to know whether the fetus in her belly is a lively boy or a gentle and lovely girl?

I remember that when I gave birth to my boss, I dreamed of many, many snakes before I was pregnant. At that time, the big sister who lived next to my house told me very firmly that you must be a boy in your belly.I laughed at the time.However, a week before I was about to give birth, I had another dream, dreaming that a very mighty big tiger walked around on the road.It proved that the big sister -in -law was right afterwards.

I also had a dream before my second child. In the dream, there was a very, very strong wine red tree. The roots were wrong, and then there was a large and large ginseng -like wine red fruit.I found myself pregnant a few days.Looking back now, in fact, the fruit similar to ginseng is very much like a newer baby …

Old listening people say that fetal dreams can suggest that there are boys and women. I believe that many pregnant mommy will be curious about this?Once we have heard of our old people who have said a lot of fetal dreams. Dear friends come to compare it (the following is from Zhou Gong’s dream interpretation):

1. Son

1) Dreaming of the dragon, the birth of a son in the future can become a big man.

2) Dreaming of python or snake is a sign of a son.

3) Dreaming of cattle means that they will have a particularly filial son in the future.

4) Dreaming of turtles means that the sons born in the future will have great power.

5) Dreaming of a tiger is a sign of the positive and brave son in the future.

6) Dreaming of flying fairy cranes in the sky will give birth to a noble and empty son.

7) The dream of flying on the roof means that the sons born in the future will be brighter.

8) Dreaming of a scene of riding a tiger on a mountain or a tiger who came over and was bitten and bleeding, it would be expensive.

9) Dreaming of the tiger goes down the mountain to catch the arms, it is a sign of the noble son.

10) The dream of riding a dark horse on the wilderness suggests having a son.

11) The dream of a wild horse running in the field is a sign of the future son.

Second, born daughter

1) Dreaming of carp means that in the future, he will have a superb, beautiful, and wise daughter in the future.

2) Dreaming of Ao Shrimp and Moisturizing, the possibility of a beautiful daughter is very likely.

3) Dreaming of pigeons and sparrows will have a daughter in the future.

4) Tiger entering the house or tiger hugs his dream, saying that he will have a smart daughter in the future.

5) Dreaming of cows or docile cows suggest that you want to have a daughter.

6) The dream of running on a white horse hints to have a daughter.

7) Strawberries, apples, and tomatoes suggest having a daughter.

8) The dream of flowers blooming or standing in the flowers hints that she will have a beautiful and cute daughter in the future.

9) Dreaming of a big and round moon indicates that there will be a versatile daughter in the future.

10) Dreaming that the waters, rivers, reservoirs, or the sea, hints that the daughter is produced.

11) Get gold or cosmetics in the dream, indicating that a beautiful daughter is going to have a beautiful daughter.

However, in a scientific sense, there is no inevitable connection between fetal dreams and boys and women.The sex boys and girls mentioned here are just the "boss words" circulating by our rural areas.desire.Therefore, Baohao mothers should not see the baby dream too mysterious. The content of superstitious fetal dreams will have a bad impact on the psychology of pregnant women.Just be an entertainment event in the arduous trip in October.

Mom, what are the interesting fetal dreams you have?Welcome to leave a message to communicate!

I am a full -time mother, with two sons, one four years old, one ten months.Share some of the thoughts of the baby here. The above articles are original. If you also like to welcome comments, share, forward, and follow. If you reprint, please indicate the source.

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