Do I need to have an X -ray or CT after pregnancy?How does it affect the fetus?Doctors say that

Recently, Hu Xijin’s remarks about the atomic bomb were hot search. I suddenly thought of the lethality of nuclear bombs during World War II. The radiation generated by nuclear bombs can pollute the surrounding rivers and farmland through wind, water and air.According to calculations, the shock wave during World War II caused 70,000 people to be killed, while nuclear radiation caused more than 200,000 people to die.At that time, due to radiation, there were many monsters in the genetic mutation, which was terrible.

The harm of radiation to the human body is definitely not alarmist, carcinogenic, teratogenic and other creepy.Therefore, many people are starting to be afraid of electromagnetic radiation generated by microwave ovens, and fear of radiation of mobile phones and WiFi, not to mention the radiation generated by the hospital’s X -ray and other inspection equipment.

Let’s tell an interesting story: There is a "nuclear" word in MRI. Many people dare not do nuclear magnetic resonance. They are afraid of nuclear magnetic and nuclear bombs, and have great radiation.In fact, the MRI uses the magnetic field and does not radiate. Therefore, the doctor can only compromise and remove the "nuclear" word to change the magnetic resonance. Now it is no longer called nuclear magnetic resonance.

The X -ray must be radiated. It ’s okay to take a look at it occasionally, but what should I do if pregnant women accidentally take pictures?For example, the pregnant woman did not know that she had done an X -ray at the time, but she was pregnant, so will the child be born?Can this child still ask?Many people also say that they must be pregnant after X -ray. Is this true?

To understand this problem, we must first understand how much radiation is the X -ray?How much radiation will the fetus start to adversely affect?This question understands, so the answer comes out.0-2 weeks of fetus: more than 50-100MSV, which can cause fetal death; 2-8 weeks of fetus: more than 200msv, which can cause fetal congenital deformities; 8-15 weeks of fetus: more than 60-310MSV, which can cause fetal deformities and low intelligence;Fetal at 16-25 weeks: more than 250-280msv, which can cause the fetal intelligence to be low.After that, the larger the fetus, the more acceptable minimum radiation doses.

In other words, the minimum radiation dose received by pregnant women is best not to exceed 50msv, because it will cause great risks to the fetus.

An X -ray piece of a chest tablet: 0.02msv A knee X -ray: 0.005msv A normal dental tablet: 0.01MSV

50/0.02 = 2500.

In other words, even the breast tablets with a large radiation dose must be irradiated with 2,500 sheets to achieve the minimum dose that pregnant women cannot accept.Some people must ask, the X -ray can be done, can CT do it?

The biggest radiation dose in CT is the chest CT, which is 8msv. Let’s do another way to remove: 50/8 = 6.25, that is, at least 7 CTs will exceed 50msv, the minimum dose that the pregnant woman cannot accept.

I accidentally did the X -ray or even CT during pregnancy. It would not cause the fetus abnormalities, no abortion, and no need to wait for 3 months before pregnancy.However, Dr. Wang suggested that the X -rays and CTs that can be avoided are also avoided!

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