Do cats have homosexuality?A public Garfield in my family is in estrus, but it is …

A netizen asked me privately: My family has a estrus Grandfield, chasing another male cat all day, biting her neck and riding it.

Most of this behavior is not homosexual.

Such behaviors often occur in the animal world, especially when sperm like male animals are upper brain, it is not considered by the brain. This behavior is particularly common, so it can only be regarded as a simple desire.Difficult to classify as homosexual

This behavior is the instinct engraved in the genes of male animals.

In nature, most male animals, especially in mammals and birds, are the most obvious. The method of male mating is ejaculation, which ejaculates hundreds of millions of sperm at a time, and often shoots many times.

The fundamental purpose of the existence of creatures, usually, whether you want to admit it or not, will be at the same time, so that your DNA can be continued.So whether it is the dancing of the birds of birds, or the male lion’s muscles, or the sports cars that men are shaking, they are in the final analysis.Good continuation.

It is based on the characteristics of male animal ejaculation and the fundamental purpose of survival.Male animals often tend to spread the sexual behavior of Guang Sa. Seizing everything that can continue its own DNA to continue. Whether the other party is a human, a dog (a race), or an inflatable doll (crossed the biology and non -biological),Catch the shot first, anyway, it can almost be regarded as a 0 -cost behavior.

Therefore, we will see male animals ride public cats, seals ride penguins, and men put the beautiful wife at home, and they are ugly forced.Anyway, it is almost 0 costs, and let’s talk about it first.

However, for female animals, the cost of pregnancy is high and irreversible (there is no painless abortion in the animal world). Once the judgment is wrong, it often causes irreparable consequences, so they often show a tendency to calm sex.The opposite of the behavior of male animals Guang is just the opposite. Female animals are more oriented to carefully select very excellent male mating, so as to make the continuation of their DNA more guaranteed.So you will see a number of male peacocks open the show of the show, and then the female peacock calmly chooses the best one.It is almost the same, this is the instinct engraved in DNA.

As mentioned at the beginning, this kind of homosexual mating behavior is particularly common between male animals, so there is also a burden. This behavior will also be in female animals, but it is relatively common.Usually, in this group, in the absence of male, the leading female will stand up and temporarily act as male behavior, such as when other female cats are in estrus, go to the fake model for a while.

As for the possibility of homosexuality, it is not without, but it is relatively scarce. Anyway, there are a large number of scientific demonstration homosexuals engraved in genes. I don’t know why DNA makes such a choice of self -reliance.This is the point.

However, anyway, the cat will not speak, telling you its sexual orientation. The best verification method is that if you throw a estrus female cat in, you will know whether it is homosexual.The female cat who was thrown in.

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