Do breasts need surgery too much?Doctor: Depending on the specific situation

The breast is too large, and its main impact is physical and psychological.In terms of physicalself, big breasts and weeping breasts often cause patients to feel the pain of neck and back pain, which will make the shoulders feel the feeling of humpback and make daily life inconvenient.Due to sweat, the skin cannot evaporate, often humid and uncomfortable, and even skin eczema, erosion, etc., often become the only reason for older surgeons.

In terms of psychology, big breasts and breastfeeding often have endless anxiety and pain, and they are unwilling to participate in social activities such as dances, swimming, and sports.In order to eliminate the physical and mental pain of busty and drooping breasts, it is necessary to choose big breasts to reduce forming.

In addition, too large breasts will also affect the beauty of the entire breast, especially the size of the nipples, and the nipples are likely to be caused by various reasons.First of all, women’s nipples are larger during pregnancy and lactation; second, genetic factors are also a possible cause of nipples to become larger.

At the same time, the orgasm in the life of husband and wife will cause breast swelling, endocrine to cause breast swelling, and make the nipple larger.If the number of pregnancy and the longer the breastfeeding time, the nipples may become larger.

For breast problems, you can solve it through many methods. The most common treatment method is surgery.Surgery can help reduce breasts, improve physical and psychological illnesses, and improve the health level and quality of life of patients.There are many ways to surgery, including breast narrowing forming and nipple correction surgery.

Breast reduction surgery refers to re -placing the breasts to be smaller, flat and firmer.This surgery can usually be performed under local anesthesia, or under systemic anesthesia, and perform simultaneously with other breast plastic surgery.

During the operation, doctors will choose the appropriate surgical method based on the specific situation of the patient. Generally, the excess breast and adipose tissue will be taken out through the skin incision or the surrounding area of the areola, and the breast tissue will be reshaped into a new form.The recovery period after surgery is usually 4 to 6 weeks. Doctors will recommend how to recover according to the specific situation of the patient.

Another method of surgery is nipple correction surgery. It is suitable for problems such as long -term lift, too large, too small, and abnormal position.In this surgery, doctors will first strip the skin on the side of the nipple with the subcutaneous tissue, stripping the whole circle like a bark, retain the structure of the middle blood vessels, nerves, and breast ducts, and then suture the wound.

Surgery can usually be performed under local anesthesia, or under general anesthesia.After surgery, the recovery period is short, which will not affect breastfeeding function, and will not leave scars, which is quite safe.

In addition to surgery, there are other methods that can alleviate the problems caused by the breast too much.For example, wearing suitable underwear can effectively relieve breast pressure and reduce pain and discomfort.In addition, reasonable control of diet and strengthening physical exercise can also reduce the accumulation of breast fat, thereby achieving the effect of alleviating symptoms.

However, it should be noted that these methods only alleviate the symptoms to a certain extent, and cannot completely change the size of the breast.

In short, surgery is the most common treatment for breast problems, which can alleviate patients’ physical and psychological problems and improve the quality of life.Before selecting the surgery, you should carefully choose the appropriate treatment plan according to factors such as your specific circumstances, the risk of surgery and the recovery period.

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