Do breast care during pregnancy, breastfeeding is very easy

Many postpartum mothers complained: "Breastfeeding is too sinful, there is no mastitis in the milk flow, the nipple depression baby can’t bite, the nipple is cracked, and the pain is so painful" …

In fact, all the troubles of postpartum feeding are due to the neglect of breast care during pregnancy.If you want to be fed with breast milk, you need to take precautions during pregnancy and carefully care for the baby’s "granary" in the future.

Early, middle and late pregnancy, breast care different

Breasts are not only a symbol of women’s beauty, it also shoulders the heavy responsibility of feeding the baby.As the pregnancy week continues, many expectant mothers will find that their breasts have changed quietly.Preparation of expectant mothers should take care of the breasts in a timely manner to prepare for breastfeeding in the future.

Care focus: relieve breast tenderness

Generally speaking, breast tenderness and itching may first appear in 4 to 6 weeks after pregnancy.Breast pain may last for pregnancy, but the three months in the early stages of pregnancy is the most prominent, and it may improve in the middle of pregnancy.This is because the increase in estrogen after pregnancy has stimulated the development of the mammary glands, and progesterone stimulates the development of bubble glands.Breasts in early pregnancy will change a lot, such as deeper areola color and dilatation of the breast gland duct, which causes minor pain, and you will feel a little heavy when walking.When expectant mothers enter the middle of pregnancy, the tenderness of the breast will gradually reduce the body with the body.

● Try hot compresses, cold compresses or massage.If the expectant mother’s breasts are sensitive and have swelling and tingling sensation, it is recommended that you can try to use hot towels or cold towels cold or soft massage to relieve discomfort.It should be reminded that the method should be gently when massaging the breast. Once there is abnormal feeling such as abdominal pain, stop immediately.

● No bras with steel rings.In the early pregnancy, the breasts will change a bit, but it is not obvious. Remember to wear a branal with cotton texture and a suitable bra. The bras should not bring a steel ring to avoid compressing the breasts or rubbing the nipples to cause discomfort.Take off your chest when you go to bed at night.

● Avoid stimulating breasts.Breasts in early pregnancy will become more sensitive. If you stimulate the breasts and nipples too much, you may cause contractions. Her husband should avoid touching or squeezing the mother’s breasts.You do not need to clean your breasts during bathing early.

Care focus: promote secondary breast development

In the middle of pregnancy, the changes in breasts became increasingly obvious. The breasts continued to increase, the areola color was deepened, darkened, and the texture of the epidermis was clearer. The symptoms of nipple depression began to appear.Chumen milk may also exudate at this time, of course, the situation that exudes later is more common.In the middle of pregnancy is the critical period of breast care. Preventing nipple cracking and mastitis can work hard at this time.

● Pay attention to daily cleaning.From 6 months of pregnancy, expectant mothers should wash their breasts and nipples with warm water and soft towels every day, and clean the breasts attached to it.If the nipple scabs are difficult to remove, you can apply some vegetable oil first. After the crust is softened, it can be cleaned with water.Proper scrubbing the nipples can enhance the toughness of the nipple skin and better prevent postpartum nipple skin rupture.But expectant mothers with abortion or premature births must obey the doctor’s advice.

● Timely oil massage.After cleaning, expectant mothers can apply massage oil to the breast and massage gently to promote the maturity of the breast catheter development.The massage method is: the expectant mother takes the seat, gently massage the breasts around the breast with both hands for 1 to 3 minutes, and then gently grab the breasts with five fingers for 10 to 20 times.After massage, wash and get rid of the massage cream and oil, and then apply a moisturizing cream on the breast.If contractions and abdominal pain occur, massage should be stopped immediately.

● Wear a special bra for pregnant women.In the second trimester, it is recommended that expectant mothers replace the special bra for pregnant women.The right bra can provide reliable support and support for the breasts to ensure that the blood circulation of the breast is smooth.

● Do not interfere with the depression nipples.The nipple depression is divided into authentic depression and pseudo -depression. When the nipple depression is stimulated by hand pulling stimulation, the nipples can protrude from the breast and are false depression. When the depression’s nipples cannot be corrected by pulling stimulation, it is true depression.Some people think that nipples or short flatness may affect breastfeeding. In fact, breast stretchingability is more important than the shape of the nipple.Before 37 weeks of pregnancy to 37 weeks of pregnancy, it is not recommended to stimulate nipples, such as nipple cross exercises or pulling nipples to avoid inducing contractions.

Care focus: do a good job of nipple maintenance

In the third trimester, the expectant mothers will have a significant swelling. Even if the mothers who are not obvious in the early and mid -term breast changes in the early pregnancy and mid -term breast changes, the breasts will change significantly during this period.Most expectant mothers will also have colostrum exudation.

● Continue nipple care.Continue to do nipple care in the third trimester can make postpartum breastfeeding smoother.Persist in cleaning the breasts with warm water every day. If contractions and abdominal pain occur, massage should be stopped immediately.

● Replace the bra in time.The breasts are continuously developing, and the breast sizes of the previous pregnant women may be inappropriate. The expectant mothers should replace the bras that are appropriate in time and make themselves comfortable.

● Try to correct the depression nipples.Severe nipple depression can be tried to correct it after 37 weeks of pregnancy. You can consult a professional breastfeiter at the baby love hospital and use the corresponding nipple appliances and other equipment for correction.For example, you can use a plastic syringe to make a simple tuber, and use the inferior of the syringe to absorb the sunken nipples, fix for 5 to 6 minutes, and 1 to 2 times a day.You can also buy nipples on the market and wear it in the bra.

Do a good job of breast care during pregnancy

Caring for breasts during pregnancy can promote blood circulation around the breast, increase the elasticity of expectant mothers, and avoid postpartum breast relaxation and sagging.

Proper breast care during pregnancy can promote the development of expectant mothers’ breasts, unblocked breast ducts, and thereby promoting lactation after childbirth.

If the expectant mother’s nipples are sunken, breastfeeding may be difficult.While nursing the breast, if you can correct the nipples in advance, you can greatly increase the success rate of breastfeeding.

The correct breast care during pregnancy can increase the toughness of the nipple and avoid cracking nipples during postpartum breastfeeding.

Q & A -Specific mother’s questions about breasts

Is the breasts very small, will the amount of lactation rarely rarely?

Won’t.The size of the breast is mainly determined by the amount of breast fat rather than the size of the breast tissue, so the shape of the breast does not reflect the strength of the lactation capacity.The size of the breast may affect the size of the breast capacity and the large capacity of the breast. The baby may take a long time after eating the milk at one time; the breast with a small capacity may be eaten at a short time.But as long as the baby can breastfeed when she wants to eat, there is no difference between the amount of milk produced by the mother a day, enough for the baby to eat.

After pregnancy, do expectant mothers need regular breast self -examination?

The monthly self -examination of breasts is necessary to ensure breast health during pregnancy.You can choose to stand in front of the mirror in the bathroom before bathing, and carefully observe the appearance of the appearance of each breast, size, skin color and nipple color changes.If you find a lump or other abnormalities, you should go to the hospital immediately and inform the doctor’s specific situation to avoid delaying the diagnosis and treatment time.

Does the breasts have a pair of milk, does it affect health?

A small number of expectant mothers will grow a pair of milk during pregnancy. The auxiliary milk is generally in front of the armpits or under the armpit. Some auxiliary milk only has a mammary tissue without nipples.EssenceMilk breasts containing breast tissue will increase significantly during pregnancy, and even secrete milk to make expectant mothers feel sore, and the general impact is not great.If the pain is more serious, you can go to the Department of Breast Department, and the doctor decides whether to perform surgical resection.

As a expectant mother, how to choose the right bra for pregnancy?

The bras of expectant mothers should choose a comfortable, sweat -absorbing, breathable cotton texture. It is best to be wider shoulder straps, stronger support, and more comfortable; color tones should choose light colors, such as white, pink, light blue, etc.It is more convenient to observe whether there are secretions; you can choose bras with no steel but soft steel support designed, which can effectively support the breasts to prevent sagging without sagging. As for the size, it is recommended to buy one size or even two yards.And replace it in time according to the changes in the breast.

It is said that breastfeeding is good for the baby, can breastfeeding deform the breast?

Breastfeeding baby does not change the physiological tissue structure of the breast, so it will not cause changes in the shape of the breast. On the contrary, it will make the breasts look fuller.As for those expectant mothers who reflect the sagging of the breast and change the shape, most of them are due to postpartum and do not take care of and maintain the breasts in time.If the mother chooses the right cotton bra and strengthen the breast exercise during breastfeeding, it can avoid breast deformation to a large extent.

Do breast examination before pregnancy

Pre -pregnancy examination is important, but don’t forget to do breast examinations during pregnancy.In case of discovering a lump of breasts, don’t worry about pregnancy, you should actively treat it first.This is because the breast and malignant tumors will accelerate the development of the hormone secretion due to the increase of hormone secretion in the pregnancy and lactation period of women, and quickly grow up.A lot.

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