Divorce when you are pregnant?This couple’s blood tears lesson is enough to wake up each of us

Illustration: TV series "New Wedding Sweetheart is a colleague" stills

Compared with women’s sense of security, men now say that they must be free and space. Even if they are married, they are unwilling to be restrained by their partners.Come and convenient, I still feel that I am particularly great.

That’s how Yonghong’s husband is.Yi Hong and her husband were introduced by people. When I got along, she knew that he was a person who was not good at talking and did not like to speak.To be honest, she did not see him at the time, because she always threw the topic together when they were together, but she had known him for a long time. She found that although he couldn’t speak, people were still stable and reliable.In the end, she thought and decided to be with him. At that time, she felt that there were always more men and more than words.

After getting married, her husband who did not do any housework before marriage continued to be a shopkeeper, but Yi Hong exercised in various trivial matters to become a "superman" at home.Of course, she did not ask her husband in the event of an incident, but every time she was called back by the other party, "I listen to you" and pushed back.

At first, the husband’s obedience was moved, but gradually she found out that this kind of life that she was only bears was really tired. She tried to accuse her husband of ignoring the family, but got the other party not ignored it, or said straightforwardly that she was righteous.If you go home on time.

At that time, they got married but just a year.However, in many people, it should still be immersed in the happiness of the wedding happiness, but she wants to escape the current life, but she is unwilling to admit that her marriage failure.In this way, she was consumed every day, and she dared not ask for a child, nor did she dare to leave her husband, and kept a silent home every day.In her opinion, marriage is simply a long -lasting battle for self -consumption, but she has no courage to give up.

She competed with him in her marriage and secretly competed with herself.She has always comforted herself as long as she can wait for him to find that he is good. She feels that they are different from the little couple in love in love. They also believe that the young man said that the man is young.If it is big, if it is better.

In this day, the marriage of the day -to -day marriage suddenly broke the tight string at the moment Yi Hong knew that he was pregnant.

After knowing that she was pregnant, Yi Hong told her husband for the first time and talked with him sincerely. However, she didn’t expect it. After knowing the news of her pregnancy, her husband just returned one.

She couldn’t feel his joy, even if she had done the idea of spending the rest of her life anyway with him, but at this moment, she retreated.She subconsciously said that divorce was tentative and the hearts of the heart. I also wanted to know whether the man on the other side of the phone had himself.

But he returned: "What are you doing?"

The tone was unexpectedly indifferent, no concern, or even a panic.On the same day, when her husband came back, he went to kill the child. She had tried enough for this widowed marriage. There was no need to take the child to the way of the widowed parenting again.

He was too indifferent. Even if she was enthusiastic, she was cold in his life. On the surface, her husband listened to her everything. This is not a kind of escape responsibility and absence of family behavior.Although this day, although there are no widoweds in name, life is like a widow.

Without children, they were so difficult to get along. She couldn’t think of how difficult it was to take a child to call the sky with the child, and how difficult it was for the days when the child was not spiritual.

She has no regrets to make money and support her. It is not impressive to pay her salary on a monthly basis, but this kind of thing is carried by himself.With a child, she dared not think about it after that.

Yonghong is not an example.At present, many families in my country are experiencing a widowed marriage. The existence of this marriage is more terrible than no money. Life has no sense of direction, and feelings have no sense of stability. This day is suffering every day.

In fact, before entering the marriage, people will have a understanding of their partners’ family situations, so it is good to share hardships and pursue ease. If you have money and no money, you will never value romance before marriage. However, after marriage, theyWhat you care about is only the communication and connection with the people on the pillow.

Song Dandan, who has been well received in the literary circle, has never been going downhill in her career, but her marriage road has never been followed.

The parents of Yingda and Song Dandan are old acquaintances, and they have a very good relationship. They are considered to know each other since childhood. However, this period of low -key behavior, a very sweet marriage has been "talked about" by netizens for a long time.

In an interview, the host asked why Song Dandan divorced Yingda, and she said, "I proposed it because I have the only extramarital affair in ten years. On the third day with that person, I gave Ying Ying to Ying Ying.Da made a call and said that divorce, he agreed if he said good. "

As soon as the show was released, some people said that Song Dandan had disappointed Yingda, and his speech was thin. He never thought about what the reason was.

The two got married in 1989 and separated in 1997.In the nearly ten years of marriage, Yingda almost didn’t meet Song Dandan.

For the marriage contract and the friendship of the two people, Song Dandan painted the ground and took her son to endure again, but later, she couldn’t bear it anymore.Because a person’s marriage is really difficult.Just like the emotion she made in the autobiography later, she said: "I was too lonely at that time, so I needed love."

Perhaps in the eyes of men, they don’t care about their wives’ thoughts, but they feel that it is important for women to maintain self -independence after marriage.However, they forgot that if they can solve everything, no woman will decide to get married.Whether there is a child or a child, it is difficult for professional women to encounter a widowed marriage.You know, the contribution to the family is not just a man’s so -called return home on time, salary actively, and the understanding of a partner for women and the responsibility of the family.

The family is two people, and love should be mutual.Everyone must know that if a person is indifferent to himself, he will not be concerned about the pillow.

There is a sentence in "The Road where few people go": "True love is both love yourself and love others. Love can make themselves feel progress.","

In marriage, women must learn to stop loss in time, and do not struggle hard when they feel helpless and painful. You know, the person who hurts people does not love you, and does not need to deceive themselves to prove them again and again to prove them again and again.His love, don’t wait until he is bruised all over.Sober, love yourself will you have a better life.


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