Disable drugs during pregnancy?The doctor tells you how to use medicine after pregnancy is safer

Ms. Zhang, 28, went to the hospital to make an abdominal CT because of fever, diarrhea, and abdominal pain last month. There was no obvious problem with the CT report. After returning home, Miss Zhang took some painkillers and antibiotics. Later, the symptoms slowly disappeared.Who knows that this month’s holiday has not come late. Ms. Zhang went to the hospital a few days ago to check the blood to check HCG abnormally. It turned out to be pregnant.Ms. Zhang felt that CT rays and her medicine had an impact on the fetus. They were struggling to want this child, but the doctor told her: "There is no impact, the child can." Miss Zhang was puzzled.

It turned out that Ms. Zhang took medicine and CT examination for one week after ovulation during ovulation. According to the physiological characteristics of the fetus: within 2 weeks after fertilization, the effect of the embryo was "full" or "no" after the pregnancy was bed."All": All harmful drugs are all or partially destroyed embryo cells, causing early deaths of the embryo and causeing miscarriage."None": Harmatic drugs do not damage embryos or only damage a small amount of cells. This period of cells have potential multi -directional function, can compensate and repair damaged cells, and embryos can continue to develop abnormalities.Therefore, the examination and drug that Ms. Zhang or the drug should not have an embryonic abortion on the fetus, or there is no impact on the healthy development of the healthy bed.

3 to 8 weeks after fertilization, 15 to 25 days, the central nervous system is in the stage of differentiation and development; on the 20th to 30th day, it is the occurrence of bones and muscles of the head and spine and the occurrence of limb buds.During the differentiation and development of embryonic organs, the cells begin to develop, and it is difficult to repair damaged cells by differentiation compensation. When it is affected by harmful drugs, it can cause morphological abnormalities to form deformities.The internal is a high -division period, and it is also the high -sensitivity period of the drug. The hazards are the most risk. The 9 weeks to the full moon are the stage of fetal growth, organ development, and perfect function.The system differentiation, development, and growth are the highest peaks of the late pregnancy and the newborn period. When it is affected by harmful drugs, due to poor liver enzyme binding function and hypertrophic transparency, fetal functional development is slowWeight, functional behavior abnormalities, increased premature yield, etc.Drugs that are absolutely safe during pregnancy are almost no. To this end, try to avoid unnecessary drugs.

Generally speaking, 3 to 12 weeks of pregnancy is a period of formation of fetal organs. It is the most important period of teratogenic sensitivity. Improper medication can form serious malformations.From 12 to 16 weeks of pregnancy, the drug may cause cleft lip and palate, genital malformations, etc. of the fetus.After 16 weeks of pregnancy, drugs may cause slow development and incomplete organs.

With the improvement of people’s understanding of drugs, it is currently very cautious about medication during pregnancy.But on the other hand, some pregnant women suffer from certain diseases before pregnancy, or have caused some diseases due to pregnancy, which requires treatment, and refusal to use medicine will also bring serious consequences to mother and child.Especially in our country, the era of the "two -child" is coming, and the increase in pregnant women has increased, and the problem of safe medication during pregnancy is even more prominent.

1 According to the size of the pregnancy week, it should be particularly careful in the 3 months of the early pregnancy. It can be used without drugs. It can be delayed to delay the treatment, and the drugs that have clearly explained the drug metabolism are used.

2 Depending on the degree of impact on the fetus, the minimum effect on the fetus can be selected.

3 When the new medicine and the old medicine are also valid, the old medicine should be used. Due to the short clinical application time of the new drug, the reliable basis for the safety of the fetus.

4 When taking medication, the dosage and duration should be strictly grasped, and the minimum effective dose should be used as much as possible. The medication time should be as short as possible. The impact of medication should be considered on the newborn during delivery.

5 When pregnant women do need to affect the fetus, they should be fully weighed after the pros and cons. The amount is adjusted at any time according to the condition, and the medicine is discontinued in time.

At present, the medication of medication during pregnancy is more referred to the hierarchical standards formulated by the United States. The meaning is clear, scientific and objective, and it is also accepted by doctors in various countries.Mainly based on the results of animal tests and clinical trials, evaluate the safety of drugs to human body. According to the dangers of varying degrees of teratogenic, dysplasia, or dysfunction of animals and humans, the classification standards are as follows.

Class A: In contrast studies, it has been confirmed that such drugs have no adverse effects on human fetuses and are the safest.There are only a few drugs, thyroxine, folic acid, and vitamins.

Class B: There is no harmful evidence to humans, animal experiments are harmful to animal tires, but there is no sufficient research in humans.Most of the commonly used anti -microbiological drugs in clinical are B. -Class B drugs.

Class C: It cannot exclude harmfulness. Animal experiments may be harmful or lack of research on livestock tires, and there is no relevant research in humans.This type of drugs can only be applied after weighing the benefits of pregnant women before the fetus.Such as fluorosone and commonly used anti -tuberculosis drugs.

Class D: There is clear evidence of fetal harm.Although it is harmful, pregnant women are definitely good after medication. If pregnant women have severe diseases or are urgently needed by death, they can consider application.Such as amino glycoside, tetracycline, large -dose vitamin, etc.

Grade X: The research of animals or humans indicates that the fetus can be abnormal, or it is harmful to people and animals according to experience.This type of drug is prohibited for pregnancy or patients with pregnancy.Such as antiviral triazodidoside.

In the hierarchy of the safety of drug pregnancy A ~ X, the US FDA has reproductive toxicity in the D and X -levels, such as Salidamine, Different A acid, Avi A, Plutomodine, Morramine, AminamidaDiebin, Libaweilin, and other chemotherapy drugs, sedative hypnotic drugs, statins, etc.During the application of these drugs, even some varieties should be avoided for a period of time after stopping the medicine.In particular, it is necessary to point out that statins are currently widely used and pay attention.


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