Deng Chao’s We are family, it is not "family"!what does that mean!

When I watched "Running Man" before

Deng Chao’s magical We’re Family!

Do you really understand?

It doesn’t mean "family"!

To describe our relationship is very good, we will say:

We are like a family

English is exactly

We’re Family.

(Not a family, it looks like a family ~)

Can describe girlfriends and dead parties

for example:

I’m AlwayS Help You Because We’re Family!

If you need help, despite your opening, we are like our family!

We are a family.

Must add A

Emphasize you are really blood -related


We are a big family. There are four Generations Under One ROOF.

We are a big family, the fourth generation.


The expression commonly used in life

We always say wrong inadvertently ~

for example

At first glance

Many babies will understand:

We are friends ~


We’re partners represents

We are a pair of children ~

That is the object you get married or live together ~


It seems like you’re partners!

You two look like a pair!

NO!DON’T JOKE About that!

Don’t!Don’t play this kind of joke!

"We are partners" to say

We’re teammates.

Teammate teammate

Sometimes I go to the restaurant with my friends

Want to say: I two together

Don’t say We’re Together!

We are together!

It’s equivalent to: official announcement!


Finally, we’re together! I’m so happy.

We are finally together, I’m so happy!

If you go to the restaurant

Want to say "I two together"

In fact, it means "me two at the table"

We’re at the ame table.

When we go to a good friend’s house, we will say: Just like our own home, don’t be shy!

In the Family Way, you can express "just like your own home", and it can also be extended to informal.

In addition, in British spoken language, it also shows that happy events are coming, which is equivalent to Pregnant, indicating that women are pregnant;


After three years, she is in the family way again.

Three years later, she became pregnant again.

This phrase literally means running at home.It really means: shared by the family; passed down from generation to generation.

Her Bad Temper Must Run in the Family.

Her bad temper must be used to the family.

His parents excected his him to be a doctor.

His parents wanted him to become a doctor, which seemed to be the tradition of their family.

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