Demystifying | Some online taboos that everyone cares about during pregnancy, is it true or false?

During pregnancy, taboos are always concerned about expectant mothers, and they are also endless topics. The reminders from the neighbors, colleagues, friends, older generations …EssenceToday we will choose 26 to explain to everyone!

Pay attention to pregnancy · These things


Can you fake a pregnancy?

In fact, it is recommended to make up as little as possible during pregnancy, even if you make up, you must pay great attention.

We must avoid pregnant women with caution such as vitamin A acid and salicylic acid.If you are not sure if there are these ingredients, you can use the app to query.


Can I eat leftovers for pregnancy?

do not eat!The remaining dishes contain a large amount of nitrite. The pregnant women have no harm to eat, especially those with severe pregnancy. The remaining dishes will intensify pregnancy.

It is best to eat fresh food during pregnancy. Do not eat overnight dishes.


Will eating cold food during pregnancy be miscarriage?

As long as it is not consumed, it will not affect it, and the baby’s survivability is far stronger than we think.


Can I exercise during pregnancy?

Except for the first three months, the fetus and pregnant mother during pregnancy are best to keep exercise.The strength of the exercise is determined according to your physical condition.

Adhering to exercise during pregnancy can reduce the probability of edema feet, and relieve lumbar pain to help the delivery ~


Do I have to lie on the left side to be pregnant?

No, it is recommended that pregnant women’s left side can reduce the compression of the uterine vein of the lower cavity, resulting in poor blood flow, and prone to edema.

If pregnant women feel uncomfortable, they can rotate on the left and right side to sleep, and the pillow between the legs will be more comfortable.


Do I need to wear radiation protection clothes during pregnancy?

Pregnant women are better away from ionizing radiation from X -rays and CT.The radiation in daily life is very small, so don’t worry too much.Wearing radiation protection uniforms is not as good as far away from the radiation source.


Can I eat sashimi during pregnancy?

Don’t eat raw food during pregnancy!IntersectionIntersectionIntersection

The safety of raw ingredients is difficult to control and may contain parasites.Therefore, we must try to avoid eating as much as possible during pregnancy.


Should I make up a lot during pregnancy?

It is best to make up for reasonable supplements during pregnancy, and it is not good to eat too much ~ Avoid excessive weight gain, and the fetus is too big is not conducive to production.

Meat egg milk is a good source of nutrition. Iron supplementation and calcium supplementation are required. Do not eat other health products.


Can I raise small animals during pregnancy?

Yes, but you need to do a bow -shaped insect inspection for pets.Wash your hands in time after contacting animals, and do not give your pets that are not cooked.

The work of shoveling officers can be done by others, just you can be responsible.


Can I take a plane when I am pregnant?

The placental development in the early pregnancy is unstable, the aircraft bumpy, and the reaction factors of early pregnancy may cause discomfort.

The air pressure changes and weightless reactions when the aircraft takes off and falls during the off -pregnancy aircraft may induce contractions and lead to premature birth.

Therefore, you should try to avoid flying as much as possible in the early pregnancy and third trimester.


Can I apply lipstick when I am pregnant?

Yes, but lipstick contains more chemicals, do not enter the entrance, you must clean it before eating.


Can I get a hot spring or bath?

Pregnant women are not suitable for high temperature.If you want to soak, you should ensure that the water temperature is not higher than 40 degrees, the time should not be too long, and the water quality should be clean to avoid causing gynecological diseases to affect the baby’s development.

If you feel chest tightness, palpitations or poor breathing.Be sure to stop immediately.


Can I do nails during pregnancy?

It is best not to do it, affecting the healthy development of the fetus.


Will you not have a long line if you wipe your pregnancy oil?

Not necessarily, but it has a certain prevention effect.

Especially during the third trimester of pregnancy, the fetal growth is fast. The elastic fiber and collagen fibers of the pregnant woman’s abdomen are easily damaged and broken, which will form stretch marks. Exercise and oil during pregnancy can enhance the elasticity of the abdominal skin.

In addition, eating more foods rich in collagen will reduce the probability of stretch marks.


Can I drink milk tea during pregnancy?

It is not recommended to drink.Because milk tea contains a lot of caffeine.Moreover, the sugar is very high. Moms of gestational diabetes drink cautiously. Milk tea can easily lead to high blood sugar and blood lipids.


Can I drink coffee during pregnancy?

It is not recommended to drink.Especially in the first three months, excessive caffeine is likely to affect the development of the baby’s neural management.

At the same time, coffee jumping will affect the absorption of iron and calcium. Severe anemia and calcium deficiency during pregnancy should drink as little as possible.The daily caffeine content I really want to drink does not exceed 200 mg.


Can pregnant women eat seafood?

Yes, fish and shrimp are very good protein sources.

However, shell crab seafood is not recommended to eat more, and raw and smoky foods cannot be eaten, and there may be bacteria.


Can I eat ice when I am pregnant?

Yes, but eat less.

Eating ice cream in pregnant women will not directly affect the fetus in the stomach, but mothers with poor stomachs may have diarrhea if they eat too much. Frequent diarrhea may be pseudo -contractions, and there are more sugar content, it is best to eat less.


Is it okay to eat hotpot while pregnant?

It is best to eat less. To eat it, you must ensure that the ingredients are fresh, and the oil should be cooked with hygienic food.Excessive eating may cause constipation and fire to cause swelling of the throat or gums. Pregnant women will be troublesome.


Can I stay up late during pregnancy?

Do not stay up all night!Staying up late will affect the physiological and mental health of the pregnant woman itself.Not conducive to the growth of the fetus.

In addition, during pregnancy, the organs will gradually compress the lower cavity veins, making the lower body veins poorly return, and it is easy to cause the occurrence of lower limbs and perineal venous veins and hemorrhoids.

twenty one

Can I swim in pregnancy?

Yes, swimming is one of the movements that are more suitable for pregnant women, which can reduce symptoms such as back pain and improve lung capacity.

However, it is not recommended to swim in the public swimming pool, which cannot be guaranteed.Even if it is in line, the swimming time cannot be too long.

It is best to accompany family members and prepare a pair of non -slip slippers to prevent slipping.

twenty two

Can I have a room in the same room?

After 4 months of pregnancy, the placenta development is basically completed, and the risk of miscarriage has also decreased accordingly. Moderate sexual life can bring physical and mental joy, but the frequency should not be too much. If there are abdominal pain or vaginal bleeding after sex, it should beJust seek medical treatment in time.

twenty three

Can I spray perfume during pregnancy?

Mothers during pregnancy should not use perfumes, because some perfumes contain fragrance components, which may cause abortion and pass them to the baby through breast milk.

twenty four

Can I eat spicy during pregnancy?

Pepper containing numb nerve substances will affect the baby’s nerves, so when pregnant moms eat pepper, they must be careful not to eat numbness and get the oral cavity.

When eating chili, as long as you master the principle of numbness of the mouth, pregnant mothers can feel spicy.


Can I want to eat sweet during pregnancy?

Eating less a little bit, but sweet food is not recommended to eat more, it will increase blood sugar in the body. Once the mother’s blood sugar is improved, the baby will be too serious, causing too much fetus.


Can’t you touch the tobacco and alcohol during pregnancy?

Yes!Try to avoid second -hand smoke!

If you smoke in the first three months after pregnancy, you may increase the chance of the fetus with rabbit lips or jaw cracks.

If you smoke in pregnancy or often inhaled second -hand smoke, your baby will be more likely to have learning disorders or behavior in the future.

The late pregnancy is a stage when fetal nerve cells have a large number of communication and connection with the brain. Many nerve conduction substances will be affected by alcohol. They will cause serious harm to the fetal brain development.Quit alcohol.

Kind tips

Whether it is pregnancy or confinement period

Moms’ eating habits are very important

Because this is not only about

Moms’ own health

It is about the baby’s growth and development ~

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