Deep at once | You can not like her, but no one can deny Bayer’s legend

Surging news reporter Pu Yinglei Ma Zuoyu from Tokyo

Bays ended with a bronze medal.

4 Olympic gold medals and 19 World Championship gold medals. This is the achievement of American gymnastic star Simon Bayer’s achievements before the Tokyo Olympics.

For a long time, people have become accustomed to this gymnastic queen in the world competition, but this time, everyone regrets.

The women’s team final retired, individual all -round compete for retirement, and finally only completed the balance wood competition to harvest the bronze medal … Byers, who was deeply trapped in "psychological problems," seemed to be difficult to guarantee in the field.

One generation of gymnastics queen farewell to the stage?For Bayer, who has experienced many hardships, at the age of 24, she will have a good year in the future.

Bayer hugs the champion and Chinese player Guan Chenchen.

Great expectations, unexpected results

In today’s women’s gymnastics world, if a strongest person is to be selected, everyone’s choice will almost point to Bays.

Since the 2013 World Championships, Bayers began his gold medal harvesting journey.Five years ago at the Rio Olympics, the crazy performance of 4 gold and 1 copper alone made her seal.

Prior to the Tokyo Olympics, Bayer’s mad state seemed to be unable to stop — at the 2019 World Championships, she staged a miracle of 5 gold. Before the start of the Tokyo Olympic Games, her honor book had already had it.4 Olympic gold medals plus 19 World Championship gold medals.

However, just as people were looking forward to the gymnast star’s shining again, Bayers suddenly extinguished in a most unexpected way.

On July 27, in the first round of the gymnastics women’s team finals, Bayer made a mistake in the first round of horses and scored only 13.766 points.After this project, she and the team doctor briefly left the game venue, and then did not appear again.

Subsequently, the American Gymnastics Association issued a notice saying that Bays withdrew from the women’s team finals due to psychological health problems.

Since then, she retired one after another -women’s all -around, jumping horses, high and low bar … seemed to be ready to spend this Olympic journey on the bench.

It wasn’t until the final balanced wood final that Bays decided to play and finally completed the game to win a bronze medal.

The wakes on the field seemed to not care so much about the results of the game. They have always smiled under the field, and they also took the initiative to come forward and embrace the Chinese players who took gold and silver.

Bays encountered psychological problems before the Tokyo Olympics.

Psychological health, foggy

Bays’s successive retirement made the audience and the media a little caught off guard.You should know that during the training of the American gymnastics team before the start of the gymnastics project, Bayer also successfully completed the high difficulty of "Yang Wei jump", making the outside world look forward to her performance.

From a physical point of view, Bayer seemed to have no problem, and from the mental state when he finally participated in balanced wood, Bays didn’t seem to be in a very bad state.

The explanation given by Bed after the game is still from the technical aspect -the interpretation of Bays is still from the technical aspect -her set of balance wood projects does not need to perform air rotation in the action, so she decided to participate.

For this reason, she also changed the method of this set of action before the game, and avoided the turning of the body: "(after the change), the next method may not have been used since the age of 12."

After the group retired, the reasons given by Bays and the United States team were psychological reasons. In the words of Bays, "I feel anxious when doing action now, and I don’t feel fun. I hope this Olympic GamesI can really fight for myself. But after I came, I felt like I was fighting for others. "

Regarding the various difficult movements that were used to it, Bays said that he suddenly felt fear: "I really don’t know how to face it. I can’t distinguish it up and down, and I can’t control my body. This is the most crazy feeling."

But as a famous star who has been in debut for many years, why suddenly occur in such a problem?There are even rumors that Bayers is pregnant, but this has not received official response.

There are also rumors that Bayers is not in the state because Japan prohibits her from bringing her treatment of attention and defect disorder that she has always used.This statement has also been denied by the US team.

The team said the rules allowed Olympic players to carry compliant personal drugs.

Bayers participated in the National Championship.

Sacrifice for stress and scandals

In fact, Bays herself also said that the problem could not be on the body. She said that her body felt good, "it just caused a little harm to my self -esteem."

"It is not easy to come here to participate in the Olympic Games and become a leading figure." This is Bayer’s evaluation of her current situation. The whole United States has high hopes for her, but has become an unbearable pressure.

After weighing the copper picking copper, Bayers admitted that he was no longer able to participate in the competition of other projects: "Whether it is physiological or psychologically, I can’t guarantee my safety when doing action."

Under the action of anxiety and fear, the actions that can be completed steadily in the past are now very dangerous for her.

"I have to accept the doctor’s medical evaluation every day. I also talked with the sports psychologist twice, which kept me in a certain extent. In the end, I had the conditions to participate in the balance wood competition.I don’t think I can participate in the final competition. "

Gymnastics can no longer bring happiness.

Bayer’s problem comes from the American Gymnastics Team, from the infamous case of sexual assault from the infamous team -while participating in the US domestic championship, Bayer cried in front of the media.

"It is very difficult to relive these experiences, but what makes me even more sad is that when I work hard for the Dream of the Tokyo Olympics, I will have to return to the training place I have been sexually assaulted again and again."

"This organization (American Gymnastics Association) has disappointed us too many times, and it is difficult to return to this place again."

"(After the scandal exposure), they (management agencies) have recruited many new people, but how can we trust those new people? I will unconsciously have alertness, because those who have known them for many years have beenLet us be disappointed. "

Bayers is about to wave farewell?

A generation of gymnastics queen farewell to the field?

After ending the Tokyo Olympic Games, Bayers mentioned another recent blow that she had recently encountered -one of her aunt who died unexpectedly two days ago.

"So when everyone speaks on the Internet, it may be more cautious, because you don’t know what athletes have experienced."

"I hope that the topic of mental health can be discussed, especially for athletes, because I know that many people are experiencing similar problems. We are always encouraged to support it, but we are not just performers on the field, we are not just performers on the field, we are not just performers on the field, we are not just performers on the court, we are not just performers on the field,We are also people. Outside of the stadium, in addition to sports, there will be many things that make us struggle. "

So, will a generation of gymnasts return to the field?

In fact, Bayer originally intended to retire after the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The decision to postpone the one -year decision of the Olympic Games made her greatly hit. When she heard the news, she burst into tears for this.

"I had a plan to retire after three months. Suddenly one day was told," Hey, I’m sorry, you have to persist for another year? "Everything you do is for this moment, for this moment, for this moment, it is for this moment, for this moment, it is for this moment, and it is for this moment.It is difficult to extend the time to extend the time. "She said in an interview with the BBC.

However, in April of this year, Bayer said in an interview that he was still likely to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Regarding her future, I need to think about the gymnastics queen, but no matter what she makes, it is already a historical legend of human gymnastics.

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