Dedicated to pregnant mothers who are confused: Popular ketone and HCG, I wish the baby babies produced healthy!

You are dedicated to you who are in a confused period like me

I shared my own pregnancy experience. I did not expect to attract so many sisters to share each other and bless each other. Everyone asked a lot of problems about progesterone, HCG, and tires, so I plan to share with you here.Knowledge!

Generally, pregnant mothers will go to the hospital to do a blood test after self -testing. There will be two key data in the results of the examination: progesterone and HCG.In the parenting website, many Bao moms often see a lot of their own inspection reports, and I keep these two data and keep asking: What kind of numerical progesterone and HCG are normal?Is HCG double doubled?Will progesterone rises very slowly?Do you want to make up for HCG?Do you want to supplement progesterone?Nympho

Is there a halo?In fact, these are the most common problems about progesterone and HCG, but during the checkup, doctors will not have time and energy to give you a detailed explanation, and it is really related to whether it can be spent smoothly in the early pregnancy. The popular science is as follows.

Q: What is HCG?

HCG has a Chinese name, called human, chorionic, gland, and hormones, but you do not need to remember this name. As long as you know that it is a hormone produced after pregnancy, stimulating luteum development to produce progesterone, creating a good setting for embryos to settle in the settlement of the embryo.The uterine environment, at the same time to suppress the exclusion of the mother’s immune system, is enough.

Q: What is the progesterone?

This is another hormone secreted by women. When there is no pregnancy, it is called progesterone. It is regularly secreted by the luteal stuff. Usually, if there is no pregnancy, the progesterone is reduced, and the endometrium will fall off.After HCG, the luteal will be stimulated to secrete more progesterone or is now called progesterone, reducing uterine contraction, which plays a role in helping embryos and maintaining early pregnancy stability.After the placental formation is formed, the placenta is secreted by the placenta, and progesterone has always existed and worked for a period of time to work throughout the pregnancy.After all, the embryo is a foreign object. The human body can instinctively generate an immune rejection response. At this time, the progesterone will tell the mother’s body in her own way: this foreign object is safe.

HCG starts to produce six days after pregnancy. At this time, the days when the fertilized eggs are preparing to bed. HCG will stimulate the human body to produce progesterone.Wells to ensure that the internal environment of the uterus is stable, and as much as possible to protect the embryo without being disturbed by external force.Therefore, HCG and progesterone are the left and right method of babies in the embryo stage.

Q: How did HCG produce?

When the embryo arrives at the uterine settlement, imagine this picture: it extends out the branches -like tentacles, grab the uterine wall -these tentacles are fluff, the fluff will quickly become more, forming a thin film, which is the origin of the chorine membrane. TheseThe choric membrane is gradually covered with blood vessels. Through the vascular connection, the mother and the embryo can interact with the embryo, metabolic waste, and play a role in the placenta.HCG is the hormone secreted by this layer of choric membrane. The growth rate of this fluff is the value displayed on the test sheet.

(Unit MIU/ML)

Generally speaking, HCG is more than doubled every 48 to 72 hours, indicating that the fluff activity is good.The above figure can only be used as a reference for HCG double time, and it cannot be absolutely.

Q: Is HCG too low?

Without HCG too low, the science statement is that HCG has doubled well, and observing HCG is a dynamic growth process.And the HCG growth process is compared with his own data, which is more meaningful than the data of others.

Question: Will HCG double have a miscarriage?

HCG doubles with the combination of progesterone values.Generally speaking, progesterone is normal, and the case of HCG alone is relatively rare.Because HCG is a hormone that promotes progesterone. If HCG is not good, progesterone is difficult to show normal.Therefore, there are two possibilities for progesterone but HCG doubles: 1. Excessive interpretation of the value of HCG.In two or three days, as long as HCG is in the upward trend, there is no double. The difference is within the allowable range, and the double time is not absolute; and HCG will reach the highest value at 8-10 weeks of pregnancy.After that, it gradually stabilizes. At this time, HCG is no longer a key reference factor.If your HCG is tens of thousands, then it is not so fast at the beginning, and the speed will fall, which is normal.2. There may be problems with embryos, such as ectopic pregnancy or embryo development.This is to look at a relatively long time, such as a week, the HCG value is not stagnant or it should be several times before it has risen a little, and it is necessary to do further inspection.

Question: Does the decrease in progesterone value mean abortion?

The secretion of progesterone itself has fluctuated. It cannot be concluded according to a check. It also needs to look at dynamics, trend, and combined with ultrasound examination. If there is any clinical manifestations such as abdominal pain and bleeding, you can accurately determine whether there is a threatened abortion.Because the luteal started to shrink at almost 6 weeks of pregnancy, and the placenta has to wait until 8 weeks of pregnancy to start working, so 7-8 weeks of pregnancy is when the progesterone is not connected, and it is also the most dangerous stage in the early pregnancy.Fluctuations are normal; in addition, the placenta pregnancy starts to take over the work of secreting progesterone in about 8 weeks, but because at the beginning of work, it is inevitable that the amount of progesterone’s secretion will also be ups and downs. When it is 11 weeks of pregnancy, the placenta can be well good.The stability of the progesterone value is high.

If HCG doubles normal and progesterone decreases, this indicates that the embryo is developing normally, but the function of HCG to promote progesterone is not good.At this time, try to calm down as much as possible. If you can lie down, you do n’t sit. You can sit and do n’t leave. As long as the progesterone is not particularly low, you do n’t need to add suengizone to the tire.If progesterone is too low, you can consider injection or oral progesterone to help stability.

Q: If the value of HCG and progesterone is not normal, will it definitely abortion?

First don’t scare themselves, pregnant women should keep a happy mood and relax.HCG doubles, and the embryo may be slow or even stopped due to lack of nutrients. Instead of progesterone, the embryo will be unstable in bed, causing bleeding or even abortion.However, HCG has doubled the value of progesterone at the same time, and it is not necessarily abortion, but the chance will be high.Whether it will have a miscarriage depends on whether there is bleeding and a stomach pain. B -ultrasound checks how the fetal heart sprouts. Through comprehensive judgment of these conditions, it is impossible to draw conclusions based on two data.Doctors usually recommend that you keep your fetus first, depending on the situation to take targeted fetal preservation measures.Of course, if there is no effect, you may suggest that you give up as soon as possible, because this situation is often not good in the embryo, and forcibly the development of tires may encounter more problems.So pregnancy is a bare thing.

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