Crazy record in the workplace: Can you get pregnant without having a child?

Text/Shu Nian

Colleagues are annoying and trivial work. Who stipulates that female employees are responsible for sending tea to the leaders?

Which workplace women have not encountered such stereotypes?The company’s phone must be answered. Foreign visitors want female employees to receive. The scheduled conference room and packaging room must be done by female employees. Even small company welfare needs to be distributed by female employees. Why?Even if it was not recruited to do such a thing, this work always assumed such a work.

So Shibata suddenly announced that he was pregnant and could no longer do such a thing, not because of love, not because of marriage, not for children, but because he didn’t want to go to work, because colleagues were too annoying, so he recorded the "empty core account" during pregnancy.It’s right.

Week 5, I was pregnant, so I no longer cleaned the conference room full of cigarette butts.

Week 13, secretly hiding his menstruation, and began to secretly stuff clothes on his stomach.

Week 15, get off work on time, get used to taking a bath, cooking, and time to stretch.

On the 19th week, no matter who wants to guess it is a man or a woman, but behind the gender, it seems to have a default social symbol?

Week 36, began to do a checkup. Maybe there is really a life in the stomach, maybe this is a new life.

Week 40, when it comes to time, start maternity leave, start a new life, and start looking forward to life.

A lie about pregnancy has changed the life of Shibata and does not want to do miscellaneous things, so these things start to automatically distribute them on other male colleagues; do not want to work overtime, so you can go home to cook at the end of work;Duo Bao Ma also realized the life of really getting married and having children.

When there is often unsatisfactory life, compared to fighting back, Shitian uses a method of rejuvenation in a way of pregnancy and obtains temporary freedom.Do we see what life should have?

But pregnancy is the way to solve the problem?Shibata also came into contact with the real pregnant crowd because he pretended to be pregnant, and also felt similar life, but their lives did not change dramatically because of pregnancy. The contradictions did not disappear.Contradiction, the contradiction between parenting and life, everything reminds us of the existence of reality, only”in the lie was released, so this is destined to be just a fantasy. In addition to "Empty Core Tutor", it is our real core life.Essence””

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