Congratulations!Wang Lihong’s ex -girlfriend has been pregnant for 39 weeks, married to wealthy Indian businessmen for 7 years, and has lived in a luxury mansion to moisturize

On December 20, Wang Lihong’s ex -girlfriend Hong Xuan (formerly known as Rosemary) updated the dynamics of personal social accounts. For many years, she has been pregnant for 39 weeks.Netizens have commented on congratulations.

Hong Xuan revealed that she and her family and friends swimming in the water park. Her second child has been 39 weeks. She is glad to squeeze out time before the baby is born.

At the same time, she also posted a number of photos of playing in the water park.She was in the right place, and she appeared in a giant belly and was full of pregnancy.She took a group photo with her eldest son with one hand, and her arms were amazing, and she must be the result of often exercise.

Rarely came out, the mother and son smiled, and I could see that it was very fun.Unfortunately, her husband Jason did not travel.

Hong Xuan, 40, is a mixed -race. When she was young, she was beautiful and beautiful.

At the age of 14, she participated in the Super Model Contest. She played well on the game, won the championship in one fell swoop, and then entered the fashion circle.With strong business ability, she was mixed in the fashion circle and was once rated as one of the top ten famous models.

After the popularity opened, she also tried to be a singer and actor.Wang Jing’s film "Stolen Story" has her figure.

However, the competition in the entertainment industry is too fierce. Hong Xuan has always developed flat. There is nothing representative of the masterpiece. She is even more familiar with emotional life.

In 2001, Hong Kong media revealed that Wang Lihong and Hong Xuan and his family had dinner. The two played hands with hands.

Later, Hong Xuan generously acknowledged the relationship. She praised the man as a romantic. During Christmas, he took her to the beach to stroll, play the piano, and sing for herself.His mother also confirmed that the two had been dating for more than 2 months, and said that Wang Lihong was very talented and was very good at his daughter.

However, not long after the incident, Wang Lihong threatened to disconnect with each other.In this regard, many netizens talked about him without men’s demeanor.

This incident embarrassed Hong Xuan. Her mother couldn’t help but take the lead in her daughter. She said that it might be Wang Lihong’s agency putting pressure on the company.

After this battle, Hong Xuan was a lot of low -key emotional things.In fact, she had married 7 years ago, and the object was Jason, a wealthy businessman from India.Her husband loved her. After marriage, she lived in a mansion and her life was moist.

Both of the couples like children very much, and they quickly gave birth to a healthy boy.

Today, a new member is about to add a new member, and the life of the family should be happier and happy.

On the other side, Hong Xuan’s ex -boyfriend Wang Lihong was not so good.Li Lianglei’s breaking news caused him to collapse overnight and had announced his temporary withdrawal.

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