Come again auntie again

"Drink more hot water."

This is what the sisters have heard the most when they came to the aunt.

Every time I hear this, I am inexplicable.

Although drinking hot water can really relieve the aunt.

However, I just don’t want to listen to my boyfriend said "drink more hot water."

Auntie is really the enemy of girls.

From puberty to the end of menopause.

Sisters have changed from girls to middle -aged and older.

This is the best time for a girl.

But every month, aunt is accompanied.

Come every month, once people don’t come, they are still worried about pregnancy.

When we came to Auntie, we were the most vulnerable time for our girls.

Some people are painful and dysmenorrhea, and some people do not hurt very much.

Xiaojia belongs to the former, and every time the aunt came, it hurts particularly.

The feeling of pain is like countless people holding a chainsaw in their stomach, and some people have been stabbing you with a knife.

Just thinking, it felt painful.

When we suffered such a big sin, my boyfriend came a sentence "Drink more hot water".

They don’t feel so painful, don’t you come to the aunt.

Others didn’t see what happened.

Our girl coming to auntie is divided into people.

In front of the outside, we must pretend to be nothing.

But when we saw my boyfriend, we really couldn’t control our emotions.

What we need is comfort, action, and concern.

Instead of solving nothing: "Drink more hot water."

Why do we make trouble unreasonably when we are aunt?

First of all, because of our spirit, it will always be in a state of tension.

It can be said that it is super insecure.

The second is that we want to disperse our attention and relieve pain.

In the end, we came to the aunt, but you ignore me.

Can I make trouble unreasonable?

Sisters, I’m right.Men are big trotters.

Xiaojia’s boyfriend is still good. I will share with you how he did it.

First he will cook brown sugar water, and then feed me to drink (hee hee).

Then he would help me buy my aunt towel in advance. I couldn’t remember the date, and he remembered it.

Then massage me, rub my hand to rub my belly.

Secondly, he also specially learned to cook. He knew what aunt had eaten, and he knew anything.

In the end, he took care of my emotions. No matter how I made trouble, he accepted with a smile.

Xiaojia thinks that you are your boyfriend who must be concerned about your girlfriend.

We can’t control the emotions of our aunt, don’t think we are unreasonable.

What we want is your actions, not drinking more hot water in our mouths.

You can buy some warm babies even if you are not around.

So when our girls come to aunt, boys, you must actively act.

Give us a sense of security so that we can better spend my aunt.

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