Chinese medicine to protect the fetus.

From pregnancy to giving birth to a baby, October’s birth is a beautiful experience for every expectant mother, but many expectant mothers will experience backache, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding and other conditions in the early stages of pregnancy.If there is a sign of signs of abortion in the early pregnancy, should we protect the fetus?In fact, my country has been related to tire protection since ancient times, and many facts have proved that traditional Chinese medicine keeping tires can not only allow expectant mothers to produce smoothly, but also have great help to eugenics.Correspondent Yan Yingjie Yangzi Evening News/Zi Niu Journalist Yang Yan

Ten years of asking for a child, it is difficult to protect the fetus for pregnancy, it is difficult

Ms. Liu in Anhui is 38 years old and mentioned her "birth baby experience". Her eye circles are slightly reddish: "I have been from 28 to 38 years old, and I have my baby for ten years. It is not easy."At the age of 28, Ms. Liu began to prepare for pregnancy after marriage, but she had not been able to conceive naturally for more than a year.After coming to the hospital for examination, the doctor told her that the "small house" in her body was sick: uterine cavity adhesion, bilateral fallopian tube blockage, and ovulation dysfunction.So since then she has embarked on the road of begging.In order to get pregnant, Ms. Liu has tried multiple pregnancy -promoting treatment, such as ovulation, artificial insemination, and IVF, and finally worked successfully after the third IVF treatment in January 2020.

I thought it was a lot of trouble when I was pregnant, but I didn’t want to have vaginal bleeding soon after pregnancy.Ms. Liu was urgently admitted to the hospital for treatment, because of the large amount of bleeding and the serious condition, local hospitals performed a variety of treatment methods, such as muscle injection of progesterone, abdominal injection of low -molecular heparin sodium, venous injection immunoglobulin, oral oral excellent methamphetamineHeneng, luteum tablets, aspirin and other related drugs … When the situation was serious, Ms. Liu used more than 20 kinds of drugs to protect her tires at the same time, but her condition was still unstable.

Occasionally, the family members heard that "threatened abortion" was an advantageous disease of the reproductive medical department of Jiangsu Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Jiangsu Province.Surprisingly, after the treatment of combined Chinese and Western medicine, Ms. Liu’s fetus tended to stabilize, and she was discharged from the most critical 3 months in the early pregnancy, and she successfully gave birth to a healthy male baby in October last year.

Following the "survival of the fittest" like Chinese medicine

Many people in their lives have a negative attitude towards fetal protection. They believe that fetal protection needs to take medicine and injections, which will affect the development of the fetus, and even cause a child to give birth.In fact, a large number of historical data and clinical verification show that preservation of fetal protection is the advantage of the motherland’s medicine.In addition, Yin Yanyun, director of the Department of Reproductive Medicine, said that in the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine as western medicine, follow the natural rules of "survival of the fittest". Traditional Chinese medicine tires are the "seeds" of "seeds" with development potential.The "seed" of the problem cannot be barely preserved.

"We often encounter patients like Ms. Liu in clinical practice. Most of them are not easy to get pregnant. Even threatened abortion after pregnancy, many patients can give birth to their babies after systematic treatment." Director Yin introduced it.Said, such expectant mothers must be treated and intervened as soon as possible.

Under the guidance of Professor Xia Guicheng, a master of medical medicine and a famous Chinese medicine gynecologist at the Master of Chinese Medicine, Jiangsu Province has always used "eugenics" as the first law of "eugenics" as the first rule of fertility.The "birth is good". "Director Yin reminded expectant mothers that early pregnancy is the key to fetal development. If there are backache, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, etc., they must go to the hospital as soon as possible.In addition, if you need to protect your fetus, in addition to obeying your doctor’s order, you must do it in your usual life: 1. Pay attention to rest: avoid medium and high -intensity exercise and too much work, housework, etc.The diet can follow the rule of less meals and meals, which must ensure that nutrients should not be overeating, and there is no restraint; 3. Good mentality: The mental state of pregnant mothers is directly related to the success rate of fetal protection. Therefore, there must beStable mentality.

Author: Yang Yan

Source: Yangtze Evening News

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