Chinese medicine on the tip of the tongue

Supply source: Zhou Hongzu, Department of Pharmacy, Shenzhen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

A common condiment in the kitchen is both ingredients and medicinal materials delicious and effective

As the earliest recording of Chinese medicine, pepper appeared in the official pharmacopoeia of the Tang Dynasty "Tang Bencao": "Remove phlegm in the temperature in the main temperature, remove the cold and cold."

In the Song Dynasty in my country, pepper was also a type of financial payment, known as the "king of spices" and "black gold".The preciousness of pepper at the time made us sigh now. According to legend, the prime minister of the Tang Dynasty was copied because of being too corrupt. The pepper searched was 800 stones, which was about 60 tons.It can be seen that the value of pepper was really golden.

The cuisine of pepper is delicious. Western -style black pepper steaks are loved by Chinese -style spicy labacra, spicy soup, and pork belly chicken.

The earliest use of pepper is not condiments.It can prevent food corruption and cover the odor of food. Under the conditions without refrigerating technology, it is usually used to marinate meat and extend its preservation period.

Is there two kinds of plants in black and white?

Although black and white pepper has color differences, they are actually a plant, just the growth stage of different pepper fruit.Pepper

Pepper is derived from the dryness or mature fruits of Piper Nigrum L. of Pepper Pepper.

"Chinese Plants" describes: pepper is a wooden climbing Fujimoto; leaves thick, nearly leather, wide ovate to ovate -long circles; 5 to 7 leaves, the best one pair of each other, from the base from the middle veins, the remaining one, the remaining one, the remaining one, the remaining one,Both are self -found; the inflorescence and the leaves are opposite; the berry is spherical, red when mature, and turns black after drying when mature.

Pepper is spicy and hot.Return to the stomach and the large intestine.The function is warm and cold, and the qi is lowered, and the phlegm is eliminated.It is used for cold vomiting, abdominal pain diarrhea, loss of appetite, and more sputum.

Black pepper: is spherical.The surface is dark brown, with raised mesh wrinkles.Hard, the outer fruit can be peeled, and the skin skin is gray -white or pale yellow.The cross section is yellow and white, pink, and there is a small gap in it.Qi is fragrant and spicy.

Method: It is harvested and dried in the end of autumn to the second spring fruit;

White pepper: The surface is gray -white or pale yellow white, smooth, and there are most light -colored stripes at the top and the base.

Method: The fruit is harvested when the fruit becomes red, soaked with water for several days, wiped off the flesh and dried.

It can be seen that black pepper is close -mature fruits. White pepper is the nucleus of mature fruits. They are a mother and twin. They have been born."Black girl and white girl" metaphor is the most important.

Even the twins, the temperament of "black girl" and "white girl" is different.

Black pepper has a flesh, so the fruity aroma is more rich and spicy in the fragrance, but the aroma is not resistant to high temperature and is easy to disperse. Therefore, when it cooks and seasonings, it is mostly grinding rough powder and sprinkled it into the surface of the food.

The medicinal value of white pepper has a high medicinal value. Without the package of the flesh, the taste will be more violent. The spicy and fragrant, the fragrance is stable, and it is not easy to disperse.Function is stronger.

Li Shizhen’s description of the efficacy of pepper in "Compendium of Materia Medica": "Warm the stomach and stomach, remove cold, wet, nausea, deficiency and cold accumulation, yin poison, and pain in the heat of teeth."

Pepper has these effects, so I usually eat more pepper.

Do not consume pepper too much ~ The appropriate amount can increase the taste and promote food. It is cold and cold, but excessive stimulation stimulates gastric mucosa and causes congestive inflammation. You can refer to the "Chinese Pharmacopoeia", 0.6 to 1.5g (per day), researchPowder swallow; appropriate amount of topical.

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