Cerebral infarction, sleep prophet?Sleeping and durability does not meet the standards, can cause cerebral infarction?

Ms. Wang was sitting paralyzed in the chair of the hospital corridor at 6 months of pregnancy, looking at the arrears in her hand, and didn’t know what to do.That night, she was preparing to sleep, her husband lying on the side suddenly couldn’t breathe, and the corner of her mouth was crooked. She was startled and shouted that her husband’s name had no response.She realized that her husband might lose his consciousness and quickly called the 120 emergency call.When I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor said that it was an acute cerebral infarction and had craniotomy.

Ms. Wang thought that her husband had never had a good rest in the past two years. Father -in -law suffered from uremia and had a lot of expenses. In order to earn more overtime fees, the husband took the initiative to apply for a business trip and overtime.I came back, and the money I earned gave my father -in -law.Although her husband is only 29 years old, she can’t stand so long. This time, most of the cerebral infarction is caused by too little sleep too much. She really feels too guilty and she is a bit busy.

Everyone should know that the dangers of lack of sleep, especially those with hypertension, must ensure the duration of sleep. Ms. Wang’s husband usually has hypertension, but there is no control. The blood pressure has increased to 190 when it is sent to the hospital. In this case, it is easy to be easyBlood vessels are blocked. If it cannot be dredged in time, the blood vessels can rupture and bleeding are only a matter of time.

People with lack of sleep for a long time should pay attention to 4 symptoms when they sleep, which may be the coming of cerebral infarction.

① Dizziness, headache, I do n’t feel lying on the bed, but if the symptoms are getting up, it will increase. After a few minutes of rest, it can be relieved

② His hands and feet are numb, and it is numb for a while. It is difficult to raise your hand or raise your legs. Do not listen to the brain command

③ I can’t help drooling, the corners of the mouth are skewed, and the facial and throat muscles are not controlled

④ If the ischemia is around the optic nerve, the human vision ability will be affected, and nothing can be seen in a few seconds

If you only sleep for three or four hours a day, you must pay attention when the above four abnormalities appear.Of course, there is also an extreme case in life, that is, sleeping for too long, and sleeping for 11 hours a day. What will happen?

48 -year -old woman sleeps 11 hours a day and sleeps out of acute cerebral infarction

This patient has hypertension and diabetes. He usually takes medicine to control it. His blood pressure and blood sugar are still stable, but she has a problem, that is, sedentary, to play mahjong every day.Go to exercise, sit on the sofa at night to watch TV until 12 o’clock, and go to bed until 11 o’clock the next day. This lasts for 3 years.It wasn’t until recently that it felt that the right body was not conscious, and the tongue could not turn around. This came down from the Mahjong table and asked the family to accompany the examination. The diagnosis was a ischemic stroke.

Sleeping less can cause cerebral infarction. Why do you sleep too much?

The patient sat in the daytime and slept for a long time in the evening. The blood was slow, and the muscles and heart could not be exercised. In addition, it had hypertension and diabetes.Cerebral infarction during sleep.Therefore, everyone should change the wrong concept of sleep and health. It can be used for 7-8 hours of sleeping time. If it is more than 9 hours a long time, it will also increase the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease.

In addition, middle -aged and elderly people should pay attention to their posture when they sleep to prevent compressive blood vessels from causing cerebral infarction, especially the neck and heart. It is not advisable to be too hard and should not sleep on your stomach.Patients should choose the right pillow according to their physical condition, instead of choosing according to their preferences. Some people like high pillows, but they do not know that the pillow is too high to the cervical spine. Some people like short pillows, but they do not know that the pillow is too short and prone to brain congestion.Pillows that are not high or low, good elasticity and not easy to deform are good pillows.

In addition to those who stay up late for a long time, people are prone to cerebral infarction, and there are two types of people who should be careful.

① People who lose your temper everywhere

② People with spicy and unhappy and salty taste

In the film and television drama, the old lady was not exaggerated by the fascinating of the filial piety to the meal infarction, but it was really possible.When we are in a state of extreme anger, the blood pressure will rise and the blood pressure will slow down, which can easily cause blockage or rupture. No matter which one is, it may damage the brain.It hurts his body to scold others’ mouths.

One of the dietary guidelines for patients with hypertension is salt limit, because too much salt intake is not good for blood vessels. In case of hypertension is not controlled, it will cause damage to the brain and heart.If the rescue is not timely, it is likely to leave irreversible damage in the future.In addition to eating less salt, chili, sweets, and fat will also bring certain irritation. It is best not to eat it without eating. For the health of the heart and cerebral blood, it is not wrong to be grieved.

This article is to tell everyone that sleeping time and posture are very important. If you are too long, you ca n’t keep your health. If you are too short, you ca n’t recover your spirit. It is not good for your health.In addition, if you find abnormal phenomena during sleep, you should pay attention to it. It may be that cerebral infarction is coming. Middle -aged and elderly people and long -term absent -conscious people should pay attention to protect their hearts and brains to the greatest extent.

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