Case: Women and friends are drunk and discovered pregnancy afterwards. I don’t know who the child’s father is

Marriage relationship is the closest fate in the world, and it is also the deepest emotional fetters between two people.In the event of a marriage event, whether it is marriage or divorce, both the couple should consider carefully and think about it before making a decision.Do not regret the intestines like this Ms. Zhang, and get drunk with friends after the marriage. Who knows who is drunk and pregnant after having a relationship with others. As a result, even the child’s biological father does not know who it is.

Women found that they were pregnant

Ms. Zhang’s ex -husband is Mr. Yang. The two decided to separate for three years ago because of their personal character.Speaking of the reason for the divorce was also ridiculous, but because Mr. Yang stole 50 yuan for Ms. Zhang, Ms. Zhang asked Mr. Yang to calculate the account in a hurry. As a result, he angered Mr. Yang and slapped by the other party.Ms. Zhang couldn’t stand this tone anyway. She had to find Mr. Yang for a long time. As a result, the relationship between the couple of the two was completely ruptured and came to the end.

But before that, the relationship between the two couples was very good.Mr. Yang also had a son with Ms. Zhang.It’s just unhappy that his son is now half -body and can’t take care of himself.When her son was tired of school, Ms. Zhang did not notice the emotion of her son. Instead, she kept scolding, so that the son left the house with his breath, and then accidentally fell from the height of the high place and completely lost his ability to move.

After divorce three years ago, Ms. Zhang had no other places to go.The property of the couple is very clear. This house is Mr. Yang’s private property. Ms. Zhang has no right to divide the house.Anyway, it is also a husband and wife for more than ten years. Mr. Yang is not a person who does not miss his old love. Considering that Ms. Zhang is homeless, Mr. Yang took the initiative to retain Ms. Zhang.Together.

It can be said that in addition to the divorce certificate in the past three years, the two have basically lived a husband and wife.After Ms. Zhang calmed down, she also realized that her original decision was actually a conflict. She also had a mind in her heart that she wanted to remarry with her ex -husband. However, her face was not easy to speak, so she had to maintain a relationship.

However, Ms. Zhang did not expect that a sudden friend party would disrupt her original life and quiet life.At a friend’s party, Ms. Zhang and her friends drank alcohol, regardless of her physical condition and alcohol, drinking thousands of cups.As a result, it was drunk into a small side dish, and there was a relationship between Ms. Zhang and others.The next day Ms. Zhang woke up, and it was difficult to pursue the other person’s responsibility and left.Originally thought that this was an ordinary post -wine relationship. Who knew that after more than a month, Ms. Zhang unexpectedly found that she was pregnant!

I don’t know who the child is

Ms. Zhang wants to break her head and does not know who the child’s biological father is!There were too many people who came that night, and they drank the film by themselves, and I didn’t know who had a relationship with.In a hurry, Ms. Zhang decided to push the child to the ex -husband, maybe she can still make her ex -husband and herself remarried by virtue of the child.

In order to put pressure on the ex -husband, Ms. Zhang found reporters to find her ex -husband with herself.When the current husband received Ms. Zhang’s phone call, I thought I didn’t want to refuse Ms. Zhang’s remarriage request. He told reporters that the child in Ms. Zhang’s belly decided not to be his own, because he had separated from Ms. Zhang from a year ago.Essence

At that time, because Ms. Zhang had a conflict with herself, Ms. Zhang moved away from Mr. Yang’s house in a full anger. Since then, she has become more chic. I drank with friends all night. I did not expect that there was a child who was really pregnant with other men.The incident has developed here, right and wrong, Ms. Zhang’s lies are not self -defeating.

Even so, Mr. Yang still assumed the responsibility of taking care of Ms. Zhang’s production. October was born in October, and Ms. Zhang immediately took her in her arms after the baby gave birth to her baby.After a moment, Ms. Zhang’s mind flashed, and she should know who the child’s biological father was.Ms. Zhang immediately called the driver Tan Mou. The child’s eyebrows were very similar to Tan. She felt that this was Tan’s child.

Tan was unwilling to admit it at the beginning, but he couldn’t stand the distress of Ms. Zhang and the pressure of the reporter’s public opinion in the end.Tan promised to give Ms. Zhang a monthly support for Ms. Zhang each month, and hoped that Ms. Zhang would not disturb her life in the future.

Editor’s point of view:

Therefore, women must pay attention to self -esteem and self -love, and do not have a relationship with strange men casually.Especially for married women, we should always remember their responsibilities and missions. They cannot destroy their family relationship for their own selfish desires, and even cause irreparable endings.

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