Case: 26 -year -old girlfriend is pregnant for 3 months, her boyfriend’s fear of breaking up: her identity is too special

In the face of love, people must maintain a rational attitude. They must not be in the other half of the other half because they fall into love. The society is gradually complex, and the people’s hearts are becoming more and more invisible.In the process of falling in love, the two should be honest. If they conceal the facts that are harmful to feelings, once they are discovered, there will be no good results.

For many young people, it is not easy to find a suitable partner, especially for boys who are not cheerful enough. It is difficult to get the favor of girls.With the increasing competition between society, emotional pressure will only gradually increase, and the criteria for choosing a spouse in girls will continue to increase, making boys miserable.

For Lin Jun, who has a personality, it is the most important thing to complete his marriage. Nearly 30 years old, because of introverted personality, he has never been in love. His parents are in a hurry in his eyes, hoping that he can bravely be able to makeTake the first step, chat with different girls.

Lin Jun met Qin Ru on the Internet, and the two talked very hot. Even if Lin Jun’s emotional intelligence was not high, the words were not good enough. Qin Ru didn’t mind at all. Every day, the two were painted on social software every day.Through Qin Ru’s personal profile and avatar, Lin Jun believes that the other party is a gentle and gentle person, and he cannot love himself.

When his parents urged Lin Jun to fall in love again, he proudly took out his mobile phone and showed off his own online dating girlfriend to his parents. Although his parents did not recognize the interaction on the Internet, Lin Jun and the other party were encouraged.Lin Jun was excited to love the Internet with Qin Ru, and the other party agreed quickly.

In the process of meeting, Qin Ru did not dislike Lin Jun’s nervous look. Instead, he was very understanding to chat with him. The atmosphere gradually became relaxed. Lin Jun’s attitude towards Qin Ru was also very satisfied.On the day of the meeting, Qin Ru moved to Lin Jun’s home.

Lin Jun’s parents did not propose any objections. In the subsequent days, Lin Jun and Qin Ru lived very harmoniously, and there were almost no contradictions.Even after living together for a while, Qin Ru found that he was pregnant for three months. He hurriedly told his parents about the news, and discussed his marriage.

When Lin Jun proposed to Qin Ru’s marriage, Qin Ru did not agree immediately, but his attitude was a little vague.However, Lin Jun did not have doubts, but instead believed that Qin Ru had pregnant with his child. Marriage was a matter sooner or later. He even directly announced to the neighbors of the neighborhood that he would marry Qin Ru.

Over time, Lin Jun also noticed the unusual taste. Qin Ru never took the initiative to get married. It is reasonable to say that pregnant girls prefer to get a score.Secondly, when Lin Jun proposed to go to Qin Ru’s parents’ house, Qin Ru rejected his suggestion.

When Lin Jun looked at Qin Ru’s mobile phone, he saw a child named Qin Ru’s mother. The news surprised Lin Jun. He hurriedly recalled the phone to confront Qin Ru.Qin Ru said that this was his sister’s child. Lin Jun did not believe in Qin Ru’s explanation. After he was investigated and visited, he found that Qin Ru was married.IntersectionThis made Lin Jun unwilling to go with Qin Ru.

But Qin Ru thought that he really fell in love with Lin Jun. He was kind and simple than his husband. The current husband not only ignores the family, but even scolds her often.Lin Jun does not want to summarize the family’s family affairs. You must know that his combination with Qin Ru is facing the risk of getting married. As a young man, he does not want to destroy his future on Qin Ru.

To this end, Lin Jun asked Qin Ru to kill the children in his stomach, and others also said that if the child was not killed, Qin Ru would be punished by the law.In the end, after mediation, Qin Ru agreed to kill the child, and Lin Jun needed to pay her a certain fee. This far -reaching drama came to an end, and Lin Jun lost his face in front of the neighborhood neighbor.

Feelings need to be rational. Since they are people in the family, how can they disaster the opposite sex?Qin Ru’s behavior is a betrayal of marriage, and also a disregard of the law. If there is an irreconcilable contradiction with her husband, the problem can be solved by divorce. When she wants to conceal the past with Lin Jun,She has changed from a vulnerable group to the party.

When facing love, people must learn to treat themselves rationally. Not everyone will treat others frankly. If Lin Jun can inquire about Qin Ru’s family situation, and then choose whether to cohabit her with herThe misunderstanding came after the trouble.I hope that Lin Jun can grow up, and do not fall into the love of the river and lose the basic ability to judge.

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