careful!Eat these things after "Yang Kang", or recur on the disease →

After the new crown is infected

The body still needs a lot of nutrients

To ensure the energy supply of the immune system

Doctor’s suggestion

Pay special attention to supplementing nutrition and liquid

Increase energy supplement intake

The best way is

Eat two eggs a day,

Drink milk appropriately,

Supplement protein powder, vitamin C, etc.

To improve immunity confrontation against virus

But the doctor also reminds

Be careful!Eating supplement cannot be overwhelmed

Excessive food supplement, eating big drink or recurrence of diseases!

How to eat the "Yang Kang" period?

What are the misunderstandings in daily diet?

Let’s take a look at ↓

Don’t eat these things immediately after "Yang Kang"

Food supplement, eating, drinking, or recurrence of diseases

Infection and rehabilitation period may have decreased appetite, diarrhea and abdomen,

The sense of taste and smell is reduced,

But in the rehabilitation period, you must not make up for special supplements,

Because the spleen and stomach are relatively virtual,

Big complement is not only not conducive to the recovery of the body.

Instead, it will increase the burden on the body.

Liu Qingquan, Dean of Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, said that the rehabilitation period refers to 7 to 10 days after the results of the test of nucleic acid.The rehabilitation period cannot be made up, nor can they eat and drink, which is not good for the recovery of the body, and even a "food recovery", that is, the incorrect eating leads to the recurrence of the disease, such as the symptoms of fever, especially the teenagers are anxious to eat fried fryingClass, spicy, barbecue and other foods are more likely to "eat".

Experts suggest that do not eat and drink in the "Yangkang" period, especially do not eat greasy, fat and sweet food, three meals, light diet and balanced nutrition.Help physical recovery.It is not recommended to choose heavy foods such as greasy, spicy, marinated, etc. to appetite.For some old people who are not very appetite, you can eat more nutritious and easy -to -digest food during the recovery period.

What should I eat after "Yang Kang"?

Need to strengthen protein intake

How to eat science in the "Yangkang" period?"It is necessary to implement the entire process of the entire infection and control of nutrition management." Yu Kang, director of the clinical nutrition department of Beijing Union Hospital, said that after the infection, human appetite will weaken, and the phenomenon of suffering and digestive ability will be difficult to follow usual. It is difficult to follow usual.Eating habits supplement nutrition.Yukang suggested that one is a small amount of meals to achieve the usual food as much as possible; the other is to choose food that is easy to digest as much as possible to ensure diversified food types.

The symptoms have improved and the appetite has recovered. At this time, you can choose yogurt, custard, noodles, noodles, fish, tofu, etc., so that the energy and protein intake will be increased slowly.Nutritional supplements in the rehabilitation period should be stable.The food in the rehabilitation period should also be fine and soft, and chew slowly to eat.After a period of rehabilitation, it slowly restores to the normal diet.

In the early stages of rehabilitation, if your appetite is not good, it is recommended to eat less meals. You can eat a small nut, milk, yogurt, fruit, etc. to help ensure sufficient physical and nutritious photography at nine or ten o’clock in the afternoon.enter.At the same time, you should also pay attention to overeating after the appetite is recovered, and drinks and snacks should be controlled.

Yu Kang suggested that the elderly usually eat as much as possible and maintain the combination of foods as much as possible. On the basis of normal diet, you can consider supplementing some nutritional supplements, such as protein powder, vitamin mineral composite agent, etc., which will helpKeep your body resistance.

A number of doctors of many three hospitals reminded: Do this after the new crown!However, some misunderstandings need to be avoided

Recently, doctors from many triple hospitals in Shanghai mentioned that many of the new crown virus infected with elderly patients had basic diseases and bacterial infections with basic diseases, and often insufficient nutritional support.Ai Jingwen, the attending physician of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, reminded that in family care, early infection of the elderly should pay special attention to supplementing nutrition and liquid. The energy intake during infection should increaseone.

Doctors suggest that the best way is to eat two eggs a day, and you can also drink milk, protein powder or other nutritional preparations to help ingest energy.

Among the nutritional foods recommended by doctors, the most commonly appeared is eggs, milk and vitamin C.But in the daily diet that seem to be familiar with you, there are a lot of doubts and misunderstandings:

There are many types of eggs in the market

Which is the most nutritious?

Is milk more stronger, the more nutritious?

Add vitamin C to drink bubble tissue tablets

Is it important to eat fruit or not?

… …

Come and listen to what the experts say


Misunderstanding 1: "Earth Eggs" are more nutritious than "Western Eggs".

Clarifying: The test results show that "earth eggs" are not more nutritious than "ocean eggs".

In my country’s current effective standard system, there is no product classification and standard definition of "Earth Eggs" and "Western Eggs", and no significant differences are found in the main nutritional content content.

Misunderstanding 2: Egg yolk darker eggs are more nutritious.

Clarifying: The shades of egg yolk are related to feed and have nothing to do with nutrition.

Agricultural experts said that the color of egg yolks mainly depends on the foods of eggs. When food is rich in pigmentation such as carotene, the color of the egg yolk will be darker.This is just that some farmers will increase the ingredients of egg yolk color in the feed, such as Wanshou Chrysanthemum and Paimi Yellow.From the perspective of security, as long as the dosage is in the standard, the state cannot help adding these ingredients.

Misunderstanding 3: "Eat eggs" is more nutritious.

Clarifying: "Eating eggs" is not equal to "raw food is nutritious", and the nutritional absorption rate of cooked eggs is higher.

The difference between "raw eggs" and "ordinary eggs" is mainly because the former has stricter food safety indicators, but the nutritional components are not higher than ordinary eggs.

From a nutritional perspective, cooked eggs are more conducive to health.Because high -temperature cooking can not only kill most of the pathogenic bacteria in eggs, but also the protein in cooked eggs is also more conducive to the absorption and digestion of the human body, especially for the elderly, children and other groups.


Misunderstanding 1: Milk fragrance is more nutritious with milk.

Clarifying: Differences in processing process will affect the scent of milk, but it is not more nutritious and more nutritious.

According to national standards, milk can be divided into 3 categories: Basal sterilization milk, sterilization milk and preparation milk.

Basal sterilization milk must be 100%raw milk as the raw material;

Sterilizer can be used as raw materials with 100%raw milk or recovery milk;

Modern milk must use more than 80%raw milk or restoration milk as raw materials.

Some consumers think that high temperature sterilization milk is more fragrant than Basal sterilized milk. That is because the former will produce a "Marad reaction" when the former is high -temperature. This reaction will make the food produce a aroma of aroma, But followed by the loss of nutrients.

Therefore, milk cannot be selected by smelling fragrance.

There are many milk -containing beverages on the market. Their milk protein is generally greater than equal to 1.0%(can be greater than or equal to 0.7%of the lactic acid bacteria beverage protein). Unfortunately, they do not belong to the category of milk and belong to the category of beverage.From the perspective of raw materials, only Basal sterilization milk and sterilization milk are "real milk".But the nutritional components of the two are different.

Basal sterilization milk is the "fresh milk" in our mouths.Basal sterilization refers to the use of relatively low thermal treatment intensity to kill adverse microorganisms and pathogenic bacteria.The lower the intensity of sterilization thermal treatment, the more active substances in raw milk, such as milk iron protein, immunoglobulin, etc., they are all good helpers to enhance resistance and improve immunity.

Of course, high temperature sterilization milk also has nutrition, they are rich in protein, fat, lactose, minerals, etc.

Misunderstanding 2: A layer of "cream" milk will appear more nutritious after the surface is drifting with thick cream or boiling.

Clarifying: cream and "cream" have nothing to do with nutrition.

Floating oil on the surface of milk is because large fat particles have not been treated, without cream or "cream", do not mean that there is no nutrition.

Misunderstanding 3: Basal sterilization milk retains active substances because of low temperature sterilization, so this kind of milk cannot be heated.

Clarifying: It can be heated, but pay attention to temperature. Generally, no more than 40 ° C can ensure that the nutrition in milk is not lost.

Basiliculous milk and high -temperature sterilization milk can be heated to 40 ° C after drinking.Nutritional value will not be affected too much.It should be reminded that the fresh milk after heating needs to be drank in time and do not keep it.

Misunderstanding 4: Lactan is not endless. People cannot drink milk.

Clarifying: You can choose milk dedicated to lactose intolerance, or choose yogurt.

Drinking milk with lactose is prone to bloating and diarrhea, but it does not mean that you cannot drink milk.You can choose yogurt.Yogurt contains a large amount of beneficial lactic acid bacteria, which makes the gastrointestinal motility.

Misunderstanding 5: The yogurt layering is because the yogurt is broken.

Clarifying: No.

Yogurt is layered due to milk clearing, and the precipted water contains milk protein, water -soluble vitamins, minerals, etc.Under normal storage conditions, yogurt layering does not affect quality or consumption.

Misunderstanding 6: Normal temperature yogurt has no nutrition.

Clarifying: The normal temperature yogurt also contains nutrients such as protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium and other nutrients.

When producing at room temperature, it uses heat treatment and sterilization, which lives lactic acid bacteria, so that the bacteria will not continue to ferment acid production, thereby realizing normal temperature preservation.The normal temperature yogurt still contains the metabolites of these two types of fermented bacteria, so it also has a similar health effect.

Vitamin C

Misunderstanding 1: The more acidic the fruit vitamin C content, the higher the content of the fruit.

Clarifying: The sour taste of fruits does not come from vitamin C, but organic acid. It cannot judge the vitamin C content in the fruit through the taste.

The taste of fruits mainly depends on the type of organic acid and the proportion of organic acids to sugar.Some time ago, lemons were snapped up, but the content of the vitamin C is not high.The vitamin C content of lemon is 22mg/100g, which is not orange (33mg/100g). Even if it is compared with vegetables, the vitamin C content of lemon is not comparable to small cabbage (ie Shanghai Qing, and the content of the vitamin C is 64 mg/100g).

Misunderstanding 2: Supplement vitamin C mainly by eating fruits.

Clarifying: Many foods are rich in vitamin C. In addition to fruits, there are many "Victoria C" in vegetables.

According to the "Chinese Food ingredients", winter dates 243mg/100g, guava 68mg/100g, kiwi 62mg/100g, Leling jujube 54mg/100g, big hawthorn 53mg/100g, is the five kinds of fruits with the highest vitamin C.

104mg/100g of colored peppers, mustard (large leaves)/lid 72mg/100g, rapeseed 65mg/100g, cabbage (Shanghai youth) 64mg/100g, Yuyi cabbage 63mg/100g, these are the highest vitamin C.

Other fruits and vegetables are only different in content, and do not mean that there is no vitamin C.

Misunderstanding 3: To eat vitamin supplements such as bubble tablets to supplement vitamin C.

Clarifying: Under normal circumstances, you can get sufficient vitamin C by balanced diet.

Whether it is the vitamin C in the food, or the vitamin supplement such as the vitamin supplement, the effect is the same, but there is a difference in the content.Natural food contains not only vitamin C, but also other nutrients, which intake diversified nutrients.

Misunderstanding 4: The more vitamin C, the better.

Clarifying: It is not necessary. Excessive use of vitamin C will increase the risk of urinary tract stones due to increasing oxalic acid discharge.

Vitamin C is a water -soluble substance. The excessive part will be discharged with the urine, so the toxicity is small.However, because most vitamin C metabolizes the metabolism in the body, it is decomposed into oxalic acid or is discharged from urine with sulfuric acid. The daily intake of more than 1g, long, etc., will increase the risk of urinary tract stones due to increasing oxalic acid discharge.

Therefore, people with symptoms such as high oxalic acid urine, urinary tract stones, and gout must choose vitamin C supplementary agents such as Po Teng tablets under the guidance of a doctor.

Remember to replenish nutrition scientifically

Increase immunity!

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