Can’t you sit with an elevator?Women who are 8 months pregnant are forced to climb the stairs, property: You are not qualified!

In June 2022, a woman who was pregnant in a community in Nanjing, Ms. Qian, found that the elevator was locked after get off work and had to climb the stairs home.When she asked for the property, she was told that the elevator was only used by the owners of the eight buildings, and others had no right to use it.This incident triggered a controversy for whether the elevator should be shared by the elevators in the community.

One day, Ms. Qian, a pregnant woman in a community in Nanjing, went home from get off work and found that the elevator was locked and could not be used.She is very confused, because everyone could use an elevator before, why did she suddenly become an exclusive elevator for the owner of the eight buildings?

Ms. Qian has no choice but to choose to climb the stairs home.She was pregnant for eight months, and climbing the stairs was definitely not easy for her.Climbing from the underground garage to the first floor, it is necessary to experience more than 50 steps, which is a kind of torture for a pregnant woman with a weight load.

Due to her pregnancy, Ms. Qian had to stop and stop while going up the stairs. It took a long time to reach the first floor.She hopes that this is just a special case, or the elevator has a failure, so it should be locked temporarily, and it should be better the next day.

However, when she went home the next day, Ms. Qian found that the elevator was still locked, which made her very confused.She decided to find a property to understand the situation.The property told her that the elevator was used only for the owners of the eight buildings. Residents in other buildings did not use their permissions and could only walk the stairs.

In this regard, Ms. Qian was very puzzled and angry."Can’t everyone use it before? Why don’t you use it suddenly now?" She asked.She thought that the elevator was locked because of a failure, but the property explained: "As long as it is not the owner of the eight buildings, the elevator will not be used in the future."

There is only one elevator to the underground parking lot to the first floor in the community, and other buildings can only pass through the stairs.Ms. Qian couldn’t understand why this elevator suddenly became an exclusive elevator for eight buildings.

The property explained that the maintenance cost of the elevator was only borne by the owners of the eight buildings, and other residents did not pay any fees for the elevator.Due to the problem of unfair costs, the owners of the eight buildings were dissatisfied with this and asked the property to give the elevator at the door lock, which was used only for eight buildings.

Some people believe that as a public facility, the elevator should be shared for all owners, and the cost should be borne by everyone.However, the property stated that the maintenance cost was only provided by the owners of the eight buildings. Other owners did not pay the elevator, so they had the right to use.This incident triggered the thinking of public facilities and expenses for public facilities in the community.

Public facilities should be shared for all owners. Although the owners of the eight buildings bear elevator maintenance costs, other owners should also bear daily maintenance and maintenance costs.After all, the property fee of the community in the community is jointly paid by all owners. As one of the important facilities, the elevator should be open to all owners.

In terms of property, management should be strengthened, effectively communicating with the owners, and solving problems together.Private self -affairs will only cause the owner’s rights and interests to be damaged and contradictory.Of course, while the owners enjoy their rights, they should also take the initiative to take the corresponding obligations to jointly maintain the harmony and tranquility of the community.

In the incident of being forced to climb the stairs in a community in Nanjing, we can understand the positions and views of both parties.On the one hand, Ms. Qian, a pregnant woman, had to climb the stairs to go home because the elevator was locked, which undoubtedly brought additional burdens and risks to her body.She was confused and aggrieved, and believed that as a public facility in the community, the elevator should be shared for all owners without being restricted.

On the other hand, the owners of the Eighth Building believe that they bear the maintenance cost of the elevator, so they have the right to decide who can use the elevator.They believe that such limits are to protect their rights and interests fairly sharing maintenance costs.

We need to look at the core of this issue is fairness.As the common facility of the community, the right to use elevators should be shared by all owners, whether or not it takes maintenance costs.Because each owner pays the property fee, including the bars area, and the elevator, as one of the important facilities, should not be limited to only eight buildings.Such restrictions have caused unfair treatment in the use of elevators.

Indeed, the owners of the eight buildings bear the maintenance cost of the elevator.In this case, they may feel dissatisfied, thinking that other owners shared elevators but were not responsible for maintenance costs.However, this problem should be solved by a more reasonable cost sharing mechanism.The property can negotiate with all owners and formulate a fair cost distribution plan to ensure that each owner shall bear the corresponding costs according to his rights and interests.

As a pregnant woman, Ms. Qian was pregnant for eight months. Her physical condition made her more convenient for the elevator.In special circumstances, the special care is reasonable and humane, and the property is responsible for providing necessary help and care for pregnant owners.They can consider formulating some flexible measures, such as providing temporary permits for pregnant women, so that they can use elevators when needed.

When dealing with similar problems, the property should communicate and decide with the owner more openly and transparently.Before setting up restrictions, we should conduct in -depth discussions and negotiation with all owners, and solicit their opinions and suggestions.This can avoid dissatisfaction and contradictions between owners and reach consensus.

In summary, we believe that public facilities should be shared for all owners, and the maintenance costs are afforded.Property should be fully communicated and negotiated with the owner, and a reasonable cost distribution plan is formulated to ensure fairness and justice.

At the same time, property should also give necessary care and care under special circumstances, especially for special groups such as pregnant women.Only by solving problems in a fair and reasonable way can we maintain the harmony and peace of the community.

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