Can’t you raise cats when you are pregnant?How do pregnant women infect hormons?How to scientifically raise cats after pregnancy?

"Girls can’t raise cats when they are pregnant." This view is really cocoon.

Indeed, if a pregnant woman is infected with a bowworm, it may cause serious consequences such as fetal malformation, abortion, and dead tires.But is the toxoplastygard only related to cats?Will cats have to have something to do with bow -shaped worms?

If your cat can speak, it is estimated that you will find a good theory.Don’t worry, let’s get to know what the relationship between bowworms and cats today.

Gow -shaped worms are a parasitic insect, which can basically parasitize in all temperature -blooded animals. The parasitic forms mainly include quick colonials (strong infection ability), colonial (weak infection ability), oval, etc.

Cats are the only ultimate host of Toxoplasma, which is the host of a bowworm or a parasitic host at the sexual reproductive stage. At this stage, the toxoplasma worms can be reproduced in the cat’s body, so cats can discharge feces carrying oval sacs.

The middle host of the toxoplasma, the host of the larvae or the non -reproductive stage, can include all warm blood animals, also includes people, but all the middle hosts will not discharge feces with oval sacs.

1. Cats will only discharge feces with oval sacs within 2-4 weeks of the first infection.

However, after the cat is infected with a bow-shaped worm for the first time, antibodies will be formed in the body about 2-4 weeks. After forming an antibody, there will be no feces with oval sacs.In addition, the oval sac is not contagious within 24 hours after excretion. The oval sac is developed in 2-3 days in the outside world, and it has infectious power after maturity.

2. Not all cats carry toxoplasma.

The chances of cats who have raised, not healthy, and not drinking water are very small.The cat is not born with a bow -shaped worm. It is also infected. When the cat eats raw meat with a bowworm, it will be infected with a bow -shaped worm.

3. The bowworm in the human body is not necessarily infected by a cat.

Eating raw or semi -raw meat is the main way for humans to be infected with Toxoplasma. Other ways also include drinking dairy products and egg products that have not been disinfected.For example, when eating hot pot, the meat is eaten without cooked meat. The restaurants at home are not familiar with them. Eating steak likes to eat three -point cooked. These living habits may cause the risk of infection of Toxoplasma.Although the cat infection is a pathway, the chance is very small.So tie the bowworm and cats together, this is really a bit wronged.

1. First of all, a cat must be raised. Cats often go out to catch raw meat such as mice, birds, or feed cats, and these foods carry the body of the infection period of the bowworm.

2. The cat was excreted in the first 20 days of infection with a feces with oval sacs, and the girls who were pregnant because of laziness made these feces stay in the cat litter for more than two days.

3. Personally shovel the cat, but did not wear gloves while shovel the cat, and touched the cat’s feces.

4. After the shovel was finished, he did not wash his hands, and directly touched the food with his hands and ate it.

After the above steps, the hostess may be transmitted to a bowworm by a cat.Obviously, the probability of all these situations is very small, but if the pregnant cat owner really meets all the above characteristics, it is really not recommended to raise cats during pregnancy.

Family cats that feed cooked food and cat food can continue to be fed during pregnancy. You only need to do scientific protection.

1. Before preparing to get pregnant, you can take the cat to a pet hospital for a hormone torch examination. The owner can also go to the hospital for a beath -shaped serum screening. The cat or human bes of a bowworm is discharged.

2. Do not let cats eat bones or water.The so -called "illness comes in from the mouth". Without feeding, bone, flesh, and water, you can largely reduce the chance of cat infection with bowworms.

3. Seal the doors and windows.This is to prevent cats from having a chance to go out and not allowing cats to contact the outside world freely.

4. Let the family help the cat shit.You can give the shit a glorious task to the family, and told them to clean up the cat litter pot often, keep the cat sand pot clean, and wash their hands in time after cleaning.

5. Regularly disinfected cat sand pots, cat nests, cat food pots and other cat supplies.Regular disinfection can also effectively prevent the growth of other bacteria.

6. Regularly repel and check the cats and check the bow.Cats’ regular deworming and regular medical examinations are important.

7. Do not adopt kittens during pregnancy.The kittens are generally not infected with bow -shaped worms, so it is difficult to be an immune state of the toxoplastyworm. If it is for the first time after being adopted, the toxoplasma is infected.

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