Can’t you hold someone else’s family when you are pregnant?Why!It’s not just superstition

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"Recently, I was pregnant. I saw that the little nephew was particularly cute. Although she was holding a big belly at the time, she still wanted to hug him. As a result, the family did not let me hug him. It was said that pregnant women could not hold the child to play.It ’s not good for that child, so since then I have n’t even dared to touch it, and I dare not hug it! At that time, I felt strange, why can’t pregnant women hold children?Woolen cloth?"

Regarding this issue, Xiaobian wanted to say that the pregnant mother had encountered more than one. Is it true that the pregnant woman could not hold the child?

From a scientific perspective, pregnant women are really not suitable for holding children.

Why? Xiaobian collected the answers given by some mothers:

Strawberry: My little aunt just doesn’t know that she is pregnant and hugs my child, and then diarrhea is half a month. It is useless to see the doctor for taking medicine. I told the elderly at home and did not let her hold it.Don’t believe it.

Ruiru’s mother: We said that the baby who did not be weaned could not hold it. If you hug it, other people’s babies will have diarrhea.

Xiao Chen: When I was walking in the community some time ago, I saw a child in the same community and felt very cute. I said I wanted to hug, but my grandmother said that I could not hold it. I was confused.Just leave.

Ye Zi: If you are pregnant to hug the children of someone else, the gender of the fetus in your belly will be replaced!

Luo Luo: I couldn’t touch it here. Once I gently helped the child, but the people diarrhea. His mother also took a diapers to sew a few shots, saying that the child was stitched by diarrhea.

Xiaoya: The neighbor’s daughter -in -law often hugs my family baby. My baby is good now, nothing! Suites! I don’t believe it!

There is a saying in the folk: pregnant women cannot report other people’s children, otherwise they will rush to their babies in their stomach, not auspicious.In fact, it is not clearly pointed out in science that pregnant women cannot hold children, and pregnant mothers should not be frightened because they once hugged their children during pregnancy.

If you really want to hold, avoid the two stages of early and late pregnancy, because when the accident is the most prone to accidents, the fetus will be relatively unstable, so it is best not to hug children in these two stages.However, Xiaobian still recommends that it is best not to hold it during pregnancy. The reason is as follows:

1: Pregnant women are prone to some accidents when holding children

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother could not lift heavy objects, because the heavy object requires the abdomen force, and it may hurt the fetus. Some elderly people often say that pregnancy is not a big deal, but in terms of physical fitness, today’s accurate accuracy is now accurate.Mommy is indeed much more expensive. For some trivial matters, it can take care of themselves, but involving heavy objects, or raising heavy objects, etc., may fall due to unstable center of gravity, or because of excessive force, uterine contraction occurs.Condition.

2: There may be this taboo in the old man’s house

Some elderly people prefer those folk claims, so they often do not let pregnant women hold children. In the first place, what should I do if you have a lost child?It’s embarrassing and unhappy.

3: It’s dangerous to the fetus

Sometimes it is inevitable to encounter some lively and active children, kicking randomly on both feet, as long as the child kicks up, it will definitely kick the abdomen of the pregnant woman, which is very dangerous.The problems such as premature birth, miscarriage, and deformity development are very unfavorable to the fetus.

Seeing this, there must be a second mother who will ask: Since other people’s children don’t hold, can’t their children hold it?

Of course, if you have no taboos yourself, it doesn’t matter if you hold your own child, but when you hold your childBack pain, in addition, you should pay attention to avoid your child’s hands and feet.

Whether it is a fetus in the abdomen or expectant mothers, it is not good for pregnant mothers to try not to hold children.

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