Can’t take medicine during a cold during pregnancy?The list of medication during pregnancy is worth everyone’s collection


Yan Yan has been pregnant for 3 and a half months. She knows that mothers are best not to take medicine during pregnancy, but a week of cold, cough and chest pain, her throat is too hard, she has to go to the hospital as a last resort.It is said that not taking medicine has an impact on the baby.Yan Yan had to eat the doctor’s words, but now she is worried about death, so come to ask me, can antibiotic drugs during pregnancy?Baby affect it?

Many mothers are now "discussing vegetarian color changes", so rice here also emphasizes that antibiotics are drugs infected with pathogenic bacteria such as bacteria and mycoplasma.Listen to the doctor.Because it is definitely the antibiotics that can be used during pregnancy.Cefamillin antibiotics such as amoxicillin are widely used during pregnancy.

If you are allergic to penicillin or cephalosporin antibiotics, doctors can also consider driving you with Azithromycin or clromycin. These two medicines are also antibiotics that pregnant mothers can use.

Cold is a common disease in life, but it is a big thing for pregnant mothers.First of all, rice should be emphasized. If pregnant mothers have a cold, do not carry it hard. Instead, it is very dangerous to the baby. You must see a doctor.Doctors will judge whether a cold can heal itself without a cold.If you can’t heal yourself, then judging that taking medicine is great or risky for mothers and babies, and then decide what kind of medicine is used.

Many mothers still have a lot of doubts about colds during pregnancy. Therefore, rice deliberately read professional drug guidance and consulted professional pharmacists. Today I will tell you about the problem of colds during pregnancy.

1. Be sure to attract attention within 3 months of pregnancy

The first three months of pregnancy is the sensitive period of fetal development. It is the differential stage of the tissue and organs of the fetus. It is most likely to be affected by the drug. Therefore, this period should be avoided as much as possible.

However, if at this stage, if you accidentally cause a popular cold caused by influenza virus, the baby will be easily harmed by the virus. Therefore, this period must be paid attention to, timely prevention and treatment, cold delay, secondary infection, and will also affect fetal development.

2. Colds can be large or small, and we must actively deal with it

Colds in early pregnancy should be actively treated. For mild colds, only nasal congestion or slight headache. Generally, do not need to take medicine. Pay attention to drink plenty of water and rest. Do not go to public places.

If the pregnant mother has a severe cold, high fever occurs, and her body temperature is above 39 ° C. When symptoms such as cough and severe headache, they must first actively take physical cooling methods and rush to the hospital for treatment in time.Do not take your own claim that you take fever and antibiotics. You must take medicine under the guidance of a doctor.

After the condition is controlled, it is best to have a comprehensive check -up to understand whether the baby’s situation is affected.

3. Cold medicine that pregnant women can choose

4. Cold medicine disabled by pregnant women

Each mother hopes to be pregnant in October. If you accidentally get sick during pregnancy, you still have to deal with or medication according to the doctor’s judgment.

In fact, as long as taking medicine during pregnancy is under the guidance of a doctor, you don’t have to worry so much, but rice hopes that every mother will be healthy and pregnant.

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