Can’t sleep during pregnancy?How should pregnant mothers solve this sweet trouble

For most mothers, pregnancy is a sweet and painful process.Various changes in the body and mind will bring a lot of adverse reactions. The most annoying of which is insomnia during pregnancy, which will hurt the mother and affect the fetus.

Generally speaking, the sleep problem during pregnancy is caused by changes in hormones during pregnancy and physical discomfort. It is a normal physiological phenomenon. Specific mothers do not need to worry too much, but find a way to relieve it.

Common causes of sleep during pregnancy

1. anxiety

Women are easily anxious after pregnancy. The development of the fetus, inconvenience during pregnancy, risk and pain of childbirth will make their mothers stand hard.Assistant Gu Feng said that these emotions would affect hormonal secretion and change the biological clocks of expectant mothers.

2. frequent urination

After pregnancy, the increase and expansion of the uterus compressed the bladder, resulting in the smaller bladder capacity, which caused frequent urination and urgency.In the early stages of pregnancy, about half of the expectant mothers will urinate frequently at night, and the proportion will increase to nearly 80%later.This situation seriously affects the mother’s sleep.

3. Holmon change changes

During pregnancy, emotional changes can affect luteal secretion, which is the same in turn.Once mental and psychological sensitivity, mothers are prone to insomnia.

4. Calcium deficiency and cramps

In the late pregnancy, the development of the fetus requires a lot of calcium.In addition, the gradual increase of the uterus will also compress the lower limbs and affect the blood circulation.The combination of the two will induce cramps at night and seriously affect sleep.

5. Change of dietary habits

Specific mothers with severe pregnancy reactions have decreased sharply daily, which will affect sleep because of hunger.In addition, some expectant mothers are worried that the fetus is not nutritious enough. It is unable to digest a lot of food before going to bed. It is naturally difficult to sleep.

How to improve sleep quality during pregnancy

1. Relax

By pregnancy, gymnastics, gymnastics, massage and other methods can relax the mood and muscles of mothers.

2. Add pillow

Supporting the abdomen and back with the pillow can improve the comfort during sleep.

3. Adjust the sleeping position

Generally speaking, lying on the left is the best sleeping position for women during pregnancy.This posture can reduce the pressure of the heart, uterus and bladder, alleviate the lack of blood supply and frequent urination in the uterus, and is beneficial to fetal development and pregnant women’s sleep.

4. Appropriate exercise

Regular and appropriate exercise is conducive to physical and mental health and sleep at any time.For mothers, mild exercises of one to two hours a day are more suitable.

5. Scientific medication

Although some drugs help improve sleep, it may affect expectant mothers and fetuses. Therefore, mothers are best for scientific medication under the guidance of doctors.

6. Adjust the diet

Drink a cup of warm milk before going to bed, and eat less foods with high carbohydrate content, which is helpful for sleep.In addition, hot milk and honey are also very helpful, and expectant mothers can try.


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