Can you see sexual orientation through the length of your finger?10 small knowledge about testosterone

1. testosterone and estrogen: so near, so far

Testosterone and estrogen, they have different effects, act on men and women, and people’s behavior is very different.

Look at the figure below, the top is testosterone, and the bottom is estrogen. Their molecules are almost the same. The difference is that the extra carbon atoms of the testosterone are upright as shown in red.

It turns out that the molecules of testosterone are also Tintin hahaha

2. "Sperm valuable"

Before testosterone is separated, the characteristics of men are representative of something visible, and in other words, sperm and semen.

Usually the old view is that the second sexual characteristics of men-such as muscle quality and the length of Tintin and the production of sperm

Then there was a natural point of view that sperm should not be wasted.And warn people not to excessive sexual life, or prohibit masturbation, so as not to lose precious semen.In addition, there are views that sperm is limited, and how much semen can be produced in a person’s life.

And thinness is considered to be excessive masturbation

3. The original start of testosterone treatment

In 1869, French physiologist Charles Edouard Brown-Séquard believed that injection of sperm of young animals into an old man’s vein can make the elderly vitality. About 20 years later, about 72 years old, the old fool tried himself.

Brown-Sequard’s Sociétéde Biology Biology in Paris shows the audience that he has reversed his physical recession by injection of the semen of the dog and the guinea pig.He insisted that the injection increased his strength, mental sensitivity, and even increased the length of urine by 25%. He could run the cockroaches on the wall.

This method became popular in France and spread to the United States quickly. The US Emperor’s former Chief Physician of William Hammond reported that this method can reduce pain, improve and restore heart function.

Brown-sequard also announced his refined secret recipe to the world:

"Four to five cows testicles pass through boiling water, then sterilize at 104 degrees, and then mix a liter of glycerin."

It seems that the preparations at that time were seriously dependent on the placebo effect, but in any case, Brown-Sequard inspired the relevant laboratory and clinical research, which led to the discovery of testosterone. He contributed.

4. Teste transplantation

In 1913, a surgical professor at the University of Chicago conducted a testicular transplant on a 33 -year -old unlucky egg. The donor was a person who was unwilling to disclose his name.Lost in the accident, and another egg was removed due to hernia surgery.

4 days after the operation, the patient insisted on leaving the hospital so that he could "satisfy his desire"

In 1918, the chief surgeon of the San Kunting Prison in California began to transplant the nearest prisoner’s testicular to the elderly.

Soon after, he turned to use animal testicles.

He finally did 21 human testicular transplantation and more than 300 animal testicles.

At the same time, by the doctor’s inspiration, French doctors began to transplant monkey testicles into patients with cold patients.It announced that this method can be very effective in cure

5. Sex gonad

The testosterone boom in the early 20th century led to the development of several over -the -counter drugs. The most popular is a gonad, which contains 0.5 grams of adrenal glands 0.50 grams of thyroid;EssenceTag description 3 to 8 times a day

Also popular include pills made of material made from very young, young or sheep or monkey testicles.

6. Testosterone discovery

In 1929, researchers discovered that men’s urine contains mysterious men’s hormones. Two years later, a professor Adolf Butenandt, a professor at the University of Gostegen, cooperated with Schering Pharmaceutical Company, separated a small amount of substances, and named them.Essence

In 1934, another researcher purified hormones from cholesterol. He and Butenandt were later awarded the work of the co -host of the 1938 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Between these incidents, in 1935, a professor named Enst Lax, with his colleagues and Dutch Pharmaceuticals, Organon, further extracted hormones from the bull testis and gave it the name -testosterone!

7. Baby’s erection

Four to 6 months when the baby boy was born, his testosterone level was almost equivalent to adolescence. Although we do not know why this happened, some scientists believe that it is related to high -level "brain masculine"

Oh, the baby is crying, maybe because he is not hungry, he wants to fly. Fortunately, this age baby can’t walk. Otherwise, he can fuck the air to fuck the air and play Teddy.

Don’t worry about the erection of the baby’s Tintin. During this time, it will fall to the normal level of child.

8. Athlete and hypoltanone

It seems to be the opposite of intuition, but male athletes usually have lower testosterone levels than ordinary men

The comparative study once again shows that the testosterone level of long-term training athletes (running, weightlifting, rowing, bicycles, and swimmers) is 60-85% lower than the testeosterone level that has not been trained

Researchers attribute this difference to the metabolism of the liver and extra liver (muscle, skin) of testosterone, and cannot be compensated by the athlete’s sex gonad.

In addition, although any type of exercise only 5-30 minutes will cause testosterone to increase significantly, falling to the baseline after 15-60 minutes, and this reduction can last for three days, depending on the time and strength of the exercise.

Does this mean that fat people’s sexual desire is the strongest?

9. The gender ratio of testosterone levels to the birth of a child

A prompt read by a student of Georgia State University Jonathan Barcet in scientific literature shows that women with higher testosterone levels are more likely to give birth to boys

Although this is not very meaningful, high -level testosterone women have a higher probability of having boys after pregnancy.

The testosterone is negatively related to the waist -hip ratio, which means that the higher the testosterone, the more the buttocks are not tilted.

So the ass is easy to have a man, and the buttocks are easy to have a female?

10, testosterone and finger length

Look at your finger length, whether it is no name for the ring finger or longer. If you are a man with a longer finger, it means that your testosterone is higher.

No one knows why this happens, but this is the fact that the finger is a gay tendency for women with long -lasting male fingers than the finger.

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