Can you raise a dog after pregnancy?

Can you raise a dog after pregnancy?

"Dogs are the most loyal friends of human beings." Nowadays, there are not a few families raising dogs, and with the continuous development of social civilization, more and more people’s understanding of dogs is also changing. People will have dogs.Dogs are regarded as a member of the family.But the problems they face are also followed. Now every family pays attention to eugenics and eugenics. So, does dogs have a direct impact on the health of pregnant women and fetuses?Let’s take a look at this problem together.

Understanding the spread of bowworms is not the culprit

Many pregnant mothers like to raise dogs very much before pregnancy, but after pregnancy, because they are worried that dogs will transmit diseases to themselves and affect their fetuses, they will endure love.Is it so big?In fact, not, many people are worried about the toxoplasma.

Gow -shaped worms are an intracellular parasitic. The only final host that is currently confirmed is a cat family.The pathway of the infection of Toxoplasma is mainly to intake foods contaminated by the body fluid or feces of cats and dogs. The infection of Toxoplasma is eventually intake through food and blood infection. For humans, the following three types, the following three typesThe way is proven and more likely:

1. Eat raw meat or cooked meat, especially pork, mutton and venison, and consumption raw beef is also considered the most important channel for urban residents to infection.

2. After transportation or contact with raw meat or internal organs, put your hands without cleaning your hands;

3. In contact with cats or objects that contact with cat feces;

4. Live with dogs and cats with insects.

From the perspective of the transmission of Toxoplashes of Toxoplasma, human infection of Toxoplasma is mainly "diseases from the mouth".The dog itself has worms. Therefore, when preparing for pregnancy, the dog’s insect -proof and deworming work will be done during pregnancy. They do not directly contact their feces, and can live with the dog during pregnancy.

Beautiful and educated reminds that we must pay attention to the following points before pregnancy:

1. Do a thorough inspection for pets before pregnancy. Before pregnancy, bring your own pet for thorough inspection. Specifically check whether it has a parasite and prevent the pet to remove insects on a regular basis;

2. Be sure to keep the pet’s hygiene, take a bath regularly, clean the stool, clean the pets of the pet, and disinfect them regularly, especially do not let your pets prey alone;

3. Pets’ feces are the source of infection of Toxoplasma, so after pregnancy, others in the family do cleaning work for pets, such as bathing, packing excretion, etc. The pregnant mother must stay away!

4. Keep a certain distance from pets. You cannot be too close to pets, such as kissing, sleeping, etc.;

5. Pregnant mothers should not eat unknown and unfamiliar animal meat during pregnancy. They all infected with toxoplasma;

In fact, as long as you are scientific and hygienic dogs during pregnancy, you can have both pregnancy and dog breeding, so if the pregnant mother decides to raise a dog during pregnancy, we must do the above points. This is also responsible for our baby.

In summary, pregnancy and dog raising do not conflict!As long as the corresponding examination before pregnancy, scientific sanitary dogs during pregnancy, prevent problems before, can allow dogs and babies to live happily together!

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