Can you get pregnant without sex?Doctors’ advice: None of these 5 contraceptive methods are reliable

There are always some simple little girls. In the process of interaction, because when they are strong, they can’t bear the "seduction" of her boyfriend, and easily believe that if they do not need to take contraceptive measures, they will not get pregnant.In the end, the unexpected pregnancy was caused, and the girl regretted it.Similar cases are everywhere.

Lin Lin and Liu Qiang were the same age. They were all 19 years old. They have been working in high school. They have been together for two or three years.Both of them were not admitted to college, so they met to work in Guangzhou and worked as a security inspector at the subway station. Compared with the sneaky contact with adults at home, the two could be publicly communicated.

However, because two people live in men’s and women’s dormitories, her boyfriend Liu Qiang has always wanted to be close to his girlfriend, but it is not easy to find a chance.Both people just rested at a time, and Liu Qiang managed to persuade Lin Lin to understand each other again.

However, in the same room in the same room, Linlin was afraid of her heart. Although she had already known the things between men and women from the Internet, but if she really did it, she was a little uneasy.

In the end, under the coax of her boyfriend, Lin Lin promised him to just rub it outside and not go in.Because Linlin feels that as long as the layer of membrane is not broken, it will not be possible.

However, there was no turn in the bow. After a moment of anxiety, Liu Qiang failed to control himself and went in a bit. The moment Lin Lin felt heartache, Liu Qiang was frightened and quickly pulled away.

I did not expect that for the first time, it happened so much.Both Lin Lin and Liu Qiang thought that they did not go deep in, so they didn’t take it seriously.However, after a while, Lin Lin’s menstruation did not come, and there were some symptoms similar to pregnancy. Liu Qiang accompanied Lin Lin to check and finally confirmed that Lin Lin was pregnant.

Like Linlin, it is essentially a marginal sex.The so -called marginal sexual behavior is close to substantive sex.Both men and women’s hugs, kisses, strokes, and the friction of the use of sex organs in women’s vulva, or slightly XX are all marginal behaviors.

Edge sexual behavior is risk of pregnancy. If women have sexual life before, then men even if they are rubbing in the private parts of women, there is no deepening and no sperm, but there will also be a little sperm in the secreted prostate fluid.If women happen to be in a dangerous period at this time, a small amount of sperm in prostate fluid may cause pregnancy.

In addition, if women are still virgin, because the hymen is located near the vaginal opening, a little "exercise" a little "exercise" will cause hymen to rupture.Even if men do not continue XX and do not discharge sperm, they will also have risk of pregnancy because of a small amount of sperm in prostate fluid.

The biggest harm of marginal sex is that most people do not realize that this is also risk of pregnancy, so that women who are not prepared for pregnancy will bear great psychological pressure.

In addition, most marginal sexual behaviors occur on young men and women. Some women are still students. Once they are pregnant, the biggest chance is the flow of people, and the damage to women’s injury to women is irreversible.

Moreover, because women are still young and have no financial ability, their hearts may have a variety of negative emotions such as depression, anxiety, and inferiority due to unexpected pregnancy, which will seriously interfere with their growth.

In sexual life, accidents caused by accidents are due to the errors and unreliable methods of contraception.

1. Entrandiated ejaculation

When men are XX, even if there is no XX, there will be a prostate fluid overflow, which will be mixed with sperm, and in the sexual behavior that is not worn, the male prostate fluid has entered the woman’s body. If it is mixed, it is mixed.Sperm entered the uterus, even if the male in vitro sperm, it is late.The sperm entered first will increase the risk of pregnancy.

2. Use condoms in the process

Advanced sexual behavior, and then wearing a suit when you feel S fines. This situation is similar to the situation of in vitro sperm. Once the mixed sperm mixed in prostate fluid has entered the women’s uterus, then there will be risk of pregnancy.

3. Safety period

Some women adopt the way to calculate the safety period for contraception, but according to German scientists analyzing data on the 9846 menstrual cycle, they finally found that the menstrual cycle of only 3%of women in one year changes within 3 days, and change to change.Sentences, the menstrual cycle of most women is full of variables without regularity.

60%of women’s menstrual cycle fluctuations in one year exceeded 7 days, and 50%of women’s menstrual cycle fluctuations have exceeded 14 days in one year.This means that when some women think that it is a safe period, it may be a dangerous period, so this method is not reliable at all.

4. Rinse the vagina after the same room

Some women do not take any sexual life of contraceptive measures to try to achieve the purpose of contraception by rinse the vagina. Such a chance of failure is also very high.

Without any contraceptive measures and sperm in the body, the combination of sperm and eggs only takes a few minutes as soon as possible, so cleaning after finishing the matter is actually late.

5. Breastfeeding infertility

Some women believe that menstruation during lactation does not recover without ovulation, so there can be no contraceptive measures. This idea is also wrong.Women during breastfeeding will still ovulate, and the risk of pregnancy without measures is high.

In social life, many women were born in the first birth of the first child, and then they were pregnant again. In this case, most of them did not take contraceptive measures.

The essence of contraception is to isolate the combination of sperm and eggs, or directly prevent the discharge of sperm or eggs.All contraceptive measures are carried out around these two points.


This is the most convenient and effective physical isolation contraceptive method. When the condom is used correctly, the contraceptive rate can reach 98%.However, the condom should be used correctly to avoid rupture and falling in the middle to achieve the contraceptive effect, otherwise there will still be risk of pregnancy.


The current contraceptives are mainly developed for women, with long -term effects and short -acting or emergency contraceptives.The contraceptive rate of oral contraceptives can reach 99%, and it is reversible. Long -term or short -acting can be taken.

However, experts do not advocate women taking emergency contraceptives, because it contains large doses of hormones, long -term use may interfere with menstruation, cause endocrine disorders, and affect liver and kidney function.

Contraceptive ring:

This is to put the nursery ring into the female uterus. The physical isolation method makes the fertilized eggs cannot develop in the endometrium in the uterine, and the contraceptive rate is about 80%.Because sperm and eggs may be in bed outside the uterus, it will increase the risk of ectopic pregnancy.


Stop sperm or eggs by surgery to achieve the purpose of contraception.Men or women can do it. Men’s ligation parts are autonomous tubes, and women’s ligations are tubal.

The way of ligation is basically irreversible for permanent contraceptives.Relatively speaking, due to the popularity and promotion of condoms and contraceptives, ligation and contraceptives are very low in the younger generation.

No matter what kind of contraceptive method is adopted, the correct practice can help the success of contraception.”Zero plan “” “” 39 Health Super Energy Group”

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