Can vitiligo be a baby?What should I pay attention to during pregnancy?

Vitiligo marks are obvious, and it is easy to attract people’s attention. It will even cause people who do not understand or even discriminate. In addition, the disease is mostly young men and women. Therefore, whether vitiligo patients can be inherited to the next generation after marriage,It is a question that each patient with vitiligo and their families want to know urgently. After all, patients know that vitiligo is inherited. So can patients with vitiligo be given a baby?

Vitiligo has certain genetic factors. This chance is very small. Many people think that parents have vitiligo, and children will definitely have it.In fact, this statement is very one -sided, because clinical studies have shown that parents have vitiligo, and the possibility of children with vitiligo is only 2%to 6%. It is simply genetic factors that are not necessarily suffering from vitiligo. Vitiligo is a comprehensive effect in the genetic background in genetic background.Causes pigmentation, parents have vitiligo, and children may not have vitiligo.

Vitiligo genetics generally occur under the conditions and environmental factors.Therefore, even if there is already a genetic factors, as long as the impact of environmental factors is eliminated, it may not become a disease.The genetic factors and environmental factors of vitiligo vary from person to person. The probability of vitiligo inheritance to the next generation is far from being as high as other genetic diseases. Patients with vitiligo can be completely married. In order to greatly reduce the chance of vitiligo inheritance to the next generation to the next generationYou should choose to get pregnant.

Pregnancy can cause endocrine disorders and easily cause vitiligo.In many years of clinical experience, I found that some of the white spots have spread because of pregnancy, but not all patients are like this. Some patients with vitiligo have given birth to babies for many years.It is best not to get pregnant during treatment, because the drug used for vitiligo treatment may have adverse effects on the fetus.After illness, you only need to go to a regular specialty vitiligo hospital in time to adopt scientific and effective methods for comprehensive treatment, combine traditional Chinese and western medicine, phototherapy, drug treatment and dietary therapy, and mental treatment.Time, cure vitiligo as soon as possible.

Patients with vitiligo should remember that if you want to get pregnant, stop the drug in advance, otherwise the drug will have an impact on the fetus, and it is best to stop the medicine for half a year in advance, which is safer.In addition, the psychological pressure of patients with vitiligo should not be too great. Not all patients with vitiligo will develop the condition. The pressure in the heart will affect the condition.Patients with vitiligo after treatment have improved after the treatment of the condition. Drugs are stopped three months before pregnancy, because some drugs can affect the development of the fetus through the placenta.

A good living habit is very important for anyone, especially people with vitiligo.The genetic group of vitiligo should develop good habits in daily life and pay attention to daily care.If you develop good eating habits, adjust the diet structure frequently, ensure sufficient nutrition, work on time, ensure sufficient sleep time, avoid excessive fatigue, strengthen physical exercise, and improve the body’s immunity.Adjust the adverse mentality in a timely manner, develop positive and optimistic personality, and effectively prevent vitiligo. Only by maintaining a good lifestyle and a reasonable diet can we better avoid the impact of congenital factors.

With vitiligo, you still need to understand the cause of the disease to be fundamentally treated. Therefore, in order to better treat vitiligo, patients with vitiligo must go to a regular hospital for examination, and then choose the treatment method suitable for themselves according to the cause and condition to treat them from the root cause.So if patients with vitiligo are pregnant, what should I pay attention to?

1. Women during pregnancy or breastfeeding should be adjusted by a series of physiological functions. This physiological change directly affects the nutritional needs of the mother and simply affect the normal development of the fetus and the healthy growth of the baby.Therefore, the nutritional status of women during pregnancy or lactation is very important for the health of the mother and the normal development of the fetus and the baby’s body.

2. Eat more peanuts, black sesame, walnuts, soy products and animal liver in daily diet. Eat less irritating foods, and seafood such as wine, raw garlic, mutton, fish and shrimp must also be avoided.Experts said that although many women like to eat sour foods during pregnancy, often the vitamin C ingredients contained in these acidic foods are relatively abundant, such as oranges, oranges, kiwi, hawthorn, bayberry, etc. must eat less.

3. The treatment of vitiligo during pregnancy is directly related to the health of the fetus in the body. If improper treatment, it may cause fetal malformations.Therefore, the treatment method of patients with vitiligo patients should be selected to avoid a large number of drugs as much as possible.

4. Emotional mentality should be flattened. The psychological factors of patients with vitiligo patients will continue to change during the treatment process. This has a great impact on the recovery of the condition and the health of their fetus. ThereforeMood and exercise moderately to improve your own resistance.

Reminder: Whether patients with vitiligo are suitable for babies have a lot to do with the specific condition of the patient.For those patients with overweight condition, it is not recommended to have children too early. You should first treat the disease before choosing a child to have children, so that there will be no worries and can give children a healthy life.

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