Can the same type of cysteine be pregnant?

Doctor Chen, my same type cysteine is high, and there is also easy -to -thrust, can I get pregnant?

The rise of same cysteine (HCY) is clinically used as a risk indicator of cardiovascular disease, especially coronary atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction.Upgrading cysteine will affect organs such as blood vessels, hearts, brains, kidneys, etc., which will increase the risk of stroke and increase the probability of cardiovascular hardened by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular.

High -cysteine is high due to the metabolic process of the same type of cysteine in the process of metabolism, and abnormal folic acid and B12 metabolic pathways have caused increased cysteine to increase.It may be caused by the lack of exercise, nor is it caused by renal dysfunction or its own genetic factors.

The normal value of the same type of cysteine of the human body is 5-15 μmol/L, while less than 6 μmol/L is the best state of the human body.When the same cysteine is high, you can go to the cardiovascular department for examination, confirm the severe disease, and then take effective treatment measures under the guidance of a professional doctor.The best way is to take drugs such as folic acid, vitamin B6 tablets and other drugs under the guidance of a doctor.You can usually eat more fruits, vegetables, eggs and red meat, and keep a low -salt and low -fat diet.

High bloody cysteine generally does not affect pregnancy, and can be controlled by taking drugs during pregnancy.To prevent the fetal system defects, at the same time, the same type of cysteine can be reduced.

Evilization refers to the pathological state that is prone to thrombosis and thrombosis due to various factors. There is a hereditary or obtained defect in anticoagulant protein, coagulation factor, fibrous protein, etc., or there is a hypertrophic dangerous factors.Diseases of embolism.

Because the blood of Yicomya is high -coordinated, it will affect the local blood vessels, which can cause thrombosis in the placental tissue. The placental velvet fibrin is deposited.It is easy to cause abortion, pregnancy hypertension, premature placental peeling, and too little amniotic fluid, etc., which will also affect the growth and development of the fetus.

If the high -lying cysteine is high and the sprum is detected, the treatment is still performed first, and the pregnancy will be prepared after normal.After pregnancy, you should go to the hospital in time after pregnancy, and give a suitable anticoagulant plan under the guidance of the doctor to conduct active treatment to ensure a good pregnancy ending and safe through the pregnancy period.

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