Can the loquats planted on the streets be eaten?Experts: It is not recommended to eat, some have used pesticides during maintenance, and the taste is not good

As the temperature gradually rises, the streets and parks in Wuhan City have also ushered in a mature period.The amount of loquats on the tree is large and golden.Some citizens discussed on social platforms and wanted to pick these loquats home to eat.

On May 16th, Lian Jianhui, the leader of garden experts and the captain of the Garden Greening Team of Jianghan District, Wuhan City, introduced that the improvement of urban landscapes requires all kinds of trees, such as flowers with flowers and fruit -viewing trees.Generally speaking, the ravioli planted in the city is a tree species that views the fruit. It is not recommended to pick it up.Some loquat trees spray pesticides during the maintenance process. If citizens are picked, it is not safe.In the process of daily maintenance and management of trees, garden staff need to take some chemical prevention measures in order to prevent the occurrence of diseases and insect pests. Therefore, safety issues must be considered.

Captain Captain also said that the taste of these coriander is not good. "Fruit trees planted in the city, such as loquat trees, pomegranate trees, and orange trees.Therefore, the edible value of the fruits of the knot is not high. Taking the trees as an example, due to the tree varieties and maintenance management, the crickets produced are less delicious, which is not delicious. "

Under normal circumstances, garden experts recommend not to pick up the crickets planted on the streets of the city. During the picking process, citizens not only easily destroy the tree branches of the trees, affect their shape, but also affect the normal growth of fruit trees.After the fruit tree in the city matures, its fruit will fall naturally, and there will be a maintenance staff to clean up, and it may return to the soil to become fertilizers.

The garden department of Wuhan City called for the lazu, pomegranate trees, and orange trees planted in the cities. They all belong to the ornamental fruit trees. Citizens are requested not to pick the actual fruit, protect plants, and pay attention to safety.(Zeng Yiting)

【Source: Nine Pai News】

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