Can the country not check if the state is not forced to marry?

Many husbands and wives who ignore the marriage inspection are here, but the marriage check is really important. It tests whether a happy family can form a happy family after marriage, which is unable to neglect the newlywed couple.The day before yesterday, major news media released a news that "discovered that her husband was suffering from AIDS and the woman sued divorce in four months after marriage."The importance of marriage inspection told us this news.

The marriage inspection in my country is currently not compulsory. A voluntary way is determined by the wedding couple.Without compulsory, many newlywed couples will have the mentality of "why bother this one more" and ignore the marriage check.But in fact, there are many benefits of pre -marital medical examinations. You will benefit a lot when you value marriage inspections.So, let’s take a look at the benefits of marriage inspections:

There are three major benefits before marriage

1. Prevention in the case:

Pre -marital medical examinations can detect the hidden health hazards of both men and women’s bodies, and they have suffered from before they occur, especially for those who are not suitable for fertility and temporarily unsuitable for marriage diseases.For example, young men and women suffer from hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, tuberculosis, hepatitis, hyperthyroidism and other diseases. Young men and women with these diseases have not married after cure, which will affect life and fertility.Conception affects the health of the next generation.For example, a woman suffers from heart disease. When pregnancy is suffering from heart disease, the burden on the heart of pregnant women will be supposed to be very unsafe during pregnancy. It is not conducive to the growth and development of the fetus.In heart failure, serious situations can endanger the lives of both mother and child.

If both men and women suffer from diseases that affect the life after marriage and affect their children’s health before marriage, they should not conceal them, so as not to find that the other party cannot accept it, bringing shadows to life after marriage or prosecution to divorce.Many diseases cannot be detected by themselves. Only scientific examinations can be discovered, so men and women should not hold the other person’s body well and have no need to do a marriage check.

2. Prevent the occurrence of genetic diseases:

Pre -marital examination can prevent the occurrence of genetic diseases and is very conducive to the health of future generations.Both men and women can obtain the advice of eugenics from professional doctors through professional doctors to help unmarried men and women understand whether they can get married and have genetic diseases and genetic defects to avoid the risk of genetic diseases and genetic defects in future generations; effectivelyControl children’s birth defects and reduce the continuation of genetic diseases.

Pre -marital examination not only checks the health of both men and women, but also provides necessary sexual knowledge education for both men and women.For example, how to perform sexual life after marriage will be harmonious and happy, telling young couples who do not want their children immediately after marriage, and what kind of contraceptive measures are used for sexual life to use more scientific and healthy; in addition, they will tell him/themWhat occupations or pregnancy are taken in, which will have adverse effects on the fetus and how much influence … These can be learned before marriage to help men and women in harmony after marriage.

3. It is conducive to the happy and harmonious life after marriage:

Pre -marital medical examinations can ensure a happy and harmonious life after marriage.Some physiological defects of the human body cannot be discovered in time without relevant examinations.For example, the man suffers from small testicles, umbrellas, etc.; the woman suffers from congenital vaginal locks, and ovarian dysplasia.As long as one side suffers from disease, it will destroy a happy and harmonious life after marriage. The reproductive diseases will affect fertility. Infertile for a long time, it will affect the emotions between the husband and wife.The larger.Pre -marital examination can help discover such diseases in a timely manner, treat them in time, avoid fertility after marriage, and destroy the family. If you cannot treat it, you can think about the time for the other party and make a choice to avoid divorce after marriage.

Reminder: Pre -marital medical examination is the first level of whether men and women can set up a happy family after marriage. This level has not passed the level, which is likely to have an impact on their life after marriage, resulting in the failure of marriage. ""This news is a living example.Therefore, warning for newlywed men and women: If you want to live after marriage, there is no accident, happiness and happiness, and marriage checks need to pass!

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