Can the Chinese -style burgers from more than 2,000 stores in 2 years, can they grab the territory of McDonald’s and KFC?

Let’s guess first, what is the top five domestic fast -food brands in China?

If the number of stores at the end of 2022, TOP5 is Wallace, KFC, McDonald’s, Tastin, and Pizza Hut.

Is it mixed with a name that makes you feel strange?

Tastin, the full name is "Tastin China Hamburg", is positioned as a Chinese burger brand. It has opened more than 2,000 stores in two years, and the total number of stores is close to 3,000.

You may not have heard of it, but the banner "China Burger" it has made people curious.Even the first -place Wallace originally started to imitate KFC and McDonald’s. Why is the new fast -food brand straight as a "Chinese burger"?

In the brand story, Tastin claims to be "the founder of China Burger."

On the one hand, the burger embryo is scattered.Rolling the dough at hand, baking on the scene, showing the feeling of having dumplings from the beginning of the noodles. According to the brand’s own words, "Inheriting the production process of the Chinese face, it achieves the flavor of Chinese burgers."

I ordered their Boat Pineapple Castle. The hamburger skin tastes like a sesame cake. It has a certain toughness and oily fragrance.

My colleague Xiao Li has eaten spicy chicken legs, bacon fried egg castle, and rattan pepper chicken legs.

"More chewy, but the taste and taste are not exactly like meat crickets or other cakes. It feels very special."

On the other hand, Hamburg uses Chinese -style fillings, what crayfish, Beijing roast duck, and hot spicy chickens are all familiar Chinese food.

Tastin also recently launched fish -flavored shredded shredded pork flags, inspired by Sichuan cuisine fish flavor shredded pork, but made "the decision to violate the ancestors", which really has a fish steak.

Of course, it also has classic styles such as spicy chicken legs and bacon fried egg castles, but colleagues Xiao Liu felt that the fried chicken inside was not delicious.

Outside the burger, the snacks and beverages are relatively routine. Snacks include coarse potato, spicy chicken wings, colonel chicken nuggets, salt crispy chicken and rice flower, Orleans grilled wings, etc. The drinks include cola, coffee, milk, black rice slurry, etc.

The coarse potatoes I have tried have different tastes in the same box. There are crispy and soft ones, with heavy starch and less fried.

Colleagues Xiao Li has eaten chicken wings, chicken rice, and chicken nuggets. Let’s take a look at his heart evaluation:

Chicken wings are ordinary, maybe because I was writing the manuscript at the time, let go of it;

Chicken and rice blossoms are okay, there are quite a lot of weight, but in the end it is not finished;

Chicken nuggets are not delicious, they are very ordinary, low -cost chicken nuggets;

I am all takeaway, and these snacks are basically no temperature, and it should have a little impact.

The price of Tastin is also quite satisfactory, which is more than above -under McDonald’s, KFC, above Wallace, and there is a gap between takeaway and store orders.

First of all, Tastin’s takeaway price is relatively close to the people.Colleagues Xiao Liu found that Tastin’s three -piece set is less than 20 yuan, and the four -piece set is less than 25 yuan.

But with the takeaway platform, the experience of colleagues Xiao Li is that for the first time, there are new people discount. The spicy chicken legs and chicken wings and cola are less than 15 yuan, and then the order will basically start 27 or 28 yuan.

Secondly, the advantage of Tastin’s order to place an order is not so obvious. I used to scan the code to the store to scan Terustein. The three -piece set of pineapples, coarse potatoes, and ice lime cola 27 yuan.

Therefore, Tastin’s unit price is more than 20 yuan, and the offline is not much different from McDonald’s and KFC, but because of the delivery fee of McDonald’s and KFC, it is still attractive.

In terms of price and positioning, Tastin is too exaggerated than the honey snow ice city in the burger world. It is more like Ruixing in the burger world.

Tastin’s seriously doing burgers is actually something in recent years.

Tastin was founded in Jiangxi in 2012. In 2017, the "Hamburg+Pizza" dual category product model was launched."".

Although I used to make pizza before, the kung fu of grilled cakes of noodle dough did not seem to be in vain, because the propaganda at the time was "Tastin adhering to the on -site hand shot, the open oven is baked, only sells the daily fresh pizza", and nowThe Chinese -style burger is in the same vein.

Tastin also has a prominent feature, which is the national tide.

Guo Chao’s new consumer brands spread endlessly. There are clothing brands such as Li Ning, Anta, and other catering brands such as Wenhe You, Tea Yanyue, Tiger Tuto Standard Chartered Cakes, etc., which has actually made people look numb.

However, Tastin still kept up with this wave of trends. LOGO took the Chinese wake -up lion as the prototype.

In September 2021, Tastin opened the first cultural theme space store "Twelve hours", the first "Chicken Morning Early Food Series".Essence

Universal co -branded marketing has not been dropped by it. It has jointly launched the joint national tide hand with Pepsi. The Chinese New Year of the Tiger and the cultural and creative brand Oriental Gifts cooperated to launch the blessing of the year of the year of the year …

On January 1 this year, Tastin also announced the rapper Wan Nida as the first good recommender.

"It is the stomach of China, just love China Castle."

Guo Chao is just a kind of tone of the brand. Returning to the brand itself depends on its category and business model.

Prior to 2017, Tastin was a regional brand, mainly selling pizza in Jiangxi, with less than 100 stores.

In 2020, Tastin launched a new category of "China Burger", and it is also a year of its real take -off.Out of 2890 stores.

In other words, Tastin has opened more than 2,000 stores in 2 years.The fast opening speed is related to its positioning transformation, capital investment, and opening up, but it is a great job to target the sinking market strategy.

According to the catering data query platform "Narrow Gate Eyes", nearly 80% of Tastin’s stores are opened in the second and below cities. Guangdong, Fujian, and Zhejiang are Tastin’s most widely involved in the province.At the same time, Tastin’s site selection is also very particular. 62% of stores are open near the house, and the rest of the township stores and shopping malls are mostly.

In terms of franchise, Tastin only opens a single store to join the cooperation method. A 60 -square -meter standard store with a total of 36,9800 yuan.The interface news pointed out that this is similar to Wallace, and the number of more than 16,000 stores in the latter is unswerving, and it is inseparable from its cooperation chain model of "store crowdfunding, employee partnership, and direct management".

Tastin is currently a Chinese -style burger’s top chair, but there are many Chinese burger brands similar to it.

In December 2022, the Chinese -style burger fast food brand "Chu Zheng" received 3 million yuan in angel round financing, with a valuation of 30 million.It is very interesting that the founder and CEO of "Chu Zheng" worked in KFC and Wallace.

Look at the store style of "Chu Zheng", is it inexplicable?

The Chinese burger brand "Great Fang" has launched the concept of "Western Hamburg, Eastern expression", which is also working hard on Hamburg embryo and filling.

"The dough is freshly distributed to the store. After hand -rolled, the temperature is controlled, and then it is sent to the oven to bake it."

Listening to the product innovation of "Da Fang", do you seem to have known each other?

The Chinese -style burger is very fresh, but when it is put together, the positioning and style seem to be similar.In addition to these, there are Chinese hamburger players such as Haokeji and Burger No. 1 champion.

It seems that the national tide is, and the Chinese burger is endless.

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