Can pregnant women make up?Tell you one time this time!

According to Hong Kong media reports, Han Xing Quan Zhixian is currently pregnant with a second child. She has been pregnant for nearly 5 months. Recently, she has been taking advertisements while "not seeing her belly".Many fans and netizens are worried that they will not be tired?Can pregnant women make up?

There are many pregnant mothers around us with questions. Can pregnant women make up?The most worried that expectant mothers will become ugly during pregnancy and want to make up, but they do not know whether makeup during pregnancy will affect the normal development of the fetus.In fact, you can make up during pregnancy, but there are many precautions in the choice of makeup.

Occasionally make up during pregnancy, but do not choose products with chemical preparations and essential oils, stay away from mercury -containing products, try to choose organic and pure plant safe cosmetics, use it in a correct way, and buy cosmetics from regular channels to purchaseRegular products, pregnant mothers should avoid use for products with uncertain quality or sources.

The cleaning of each makeup must be thorough to prevent pigmentation.

Makeup should not be too heavy, especially lipstick and foundation.

The cosmetics used to avoid heavy metals such as hormones and copper, mercury, and lead. You should choose products with good quality, guarantee, simple ingredients, and products with natural raw materials and mild nature.

The products used are clean, and the expired products and other people’s cosmetics are firm.

Ignorance, eyebrows, eyebrows, red lips, no eyebrows, and eyebrows during pregnancy.

Do not use whitening products during pregnancy during pregnancy.

Try not to apply lipstick. If you use it, you should erase it before you drink water to prevent harmful substances from entering the mother through the mouth.

1. Hair dye

According to foreign medical experts, hair dye will not only cause skin cancer, but also cause breast cancer, leading to fetal malformations.Therefore, pregnant women should not use hair dye.

Second, cold and hot essence

According to French medical experts for many years, after women are pregnant, they not only have very fragile hair, but also easily fall off.If you use chemical cold perm, it will increase your hair off.In addition, chemical cold and perfection can also affect the normal growth and development of the fetus in the pregnant woman, and a few women also have an allergic reaction to them.Therefore, it is not advisable to use chemical cold and hot essence.

Three, lipstick

Lipstick is composed of various oils, wax, pigments and spices.Among them, oils are usually used for wool lipids. In addition to absorbing various heavy metal trace elements that are harmful to the human body in the air, they may also adsorb E. coli into the fetus, and there is a certain permeability.After pregnant women apply red, some harmful substances in the air are easily adsorbed on their lips, and saliva invades the body, causing the fetus in the pregnant woman’s abdomen.In view of this, it is best for pregnant women to not apply lipstick, especially not to apply lipstick for a long time.

Fourth, unqualified products

Some cosmetics contain harmful elements such as lead, mercury, arsenic, etc., and many cosmetics such as black hair and hair dyeing water contain high lead, some also contain high copper, and some cosmetics contain a considerable number of amazing quantitiesbacteria.In particular, most cosmetics have tried safety without relevant departments.Therefore, it is necessary to be aware of the cosmetics of pregnant women to the harm of their own health and descendants.

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