Can pregnant women have pets at home?Doctor: Yes, but pay attention to these points

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In recent years, pets seem to have become a trend.Pets also slowly occupy a very important position in many families.The shoveling officials, no matter how status outside, they have to take care of their pets to take care of their diet and health like a nanny.Although taking care of pets is hard, they can also enjoy pets to bring happiness to themselves, so many people are not tired of keeping pets.However, there has always been such a saying on the Internet that "cannot be kept during pregnancy."This statement makes people with pregnant women at home very anxious.Trign it to send the pet away.However, is this statement really accurate?

There are pregnant women at home, pets can also be raised

Zhan Wenli, a physician at the Guangdong Maternal and Child Health Hospital, believes that even if there are pregnant women in the family, they can still keep pets.Familiar families circulating in folk cannot have pets. They mainly heard that common pet cats and dogs are carried with bow -shaped worms. Once pregnant women are infected, they may cause fetal malformations and even abortion of pregnant women.However, pets are not inherently carrying bow -shaped worms. As long as you prevent it, pay attention to these points, pet women in the family can still be raised.

Check the cute pet and see the gathers that are not good for pregnant women and fetuses on the pets.

If there are women who are pregnant at home, they plan to keep their pets at home.You can go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.The purpose of this proposal is to ensure the safety of pregnant women to the greatest extent.

If the pets are inspected, there are bow -shaped worms. For the sake of insurance, pregnant women have to do a big cleaning at home, focusing on pet feces.Remember, it is best for pregnant women not to take the initiative to participate in the cleaning work to avoid contact with pet feces.Then, temporarily send the pets out for a period of time, be eliminated by the toxoplasma gifted, and then pick it back.If there is no toxoplasma worm on the pet, you can rest assured that you can keep it first. Pay attention to the diet of the pet to avoid infection with a bowworm.

Try to keep a distance from pets, do not have the behavior of sleeping together and kissing kiss

Some pets are used to predation, such as eating small animals such as birds, rats.The probability of infection with a bowworm is still very high.Whether you sleep with pets or lick your own time during pregnancy, you may be accidentally infected.Therefore, if you want to raise pets during your pregnancy, you still need to keep a safe distance with pets, and don’t be too close.Usually take care of pet responsibilities, and pregnant women should not take the initiative.

Don’t feed pets raw meat or cook foods that are not cooked

Gow -shaped worms exist widely, pork, cattle, horses and other mammals.If pets are eaten without heating or cooked meat, the chance of being infected with Toxoplasma is very high.If you insist on raising pets at home during pregnancy.It is best to buy more safer and healthier animal food for them.It not only prevents pets from getting sick, but also enhances pet resistance, avoid being infected by other diseases, and is not good for pregnant women and fetuses.


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