Can pregnant women check all the situation of the fetus?Unfortunately, these 4 problems cannot be found

Speaking of color Doppler ultrasound, many people are not unfamiliar. Some internal organs of the body can be detected through color Doppler ultrasound, especially pregnant women. Pregnant women can know the fetal situation during pregnancy., I do n’t pay much attention to others, but I do n’t know that although the color Doppler ultrasound is relatively wide, it is not enough to check it.

1. Various metabolic diseases

If there are some metabolic system diseases in the fetus, these problems cannot be found during the color Doppler ultrasound examination, because metabolic diseases generally need to wait until they are born before they can be discovered slowly. Some need to be tested by newborn screening.

Second, brain development problem

Generally speaking, the color Doppler ultrasound cannot be checked whether there is a problem with the fetal brain development of the fetus.

Third, functional diseases

The color Doppler ultrasound is mainly to judge the development of the body’s body structure through blood return, but it cannot be detected for some functional problems. If you can see your eyes, you can not know the vision.Essence

Fourth, birthmark

In general, the color of the fetus cannot be found on whether the fetal skin has a birthmark, because the color Doppler ultrasound is mainly judged through the blood return, and the condition of the skin cannot be known in detail.

It can be seen that although the color Doppler ultrasound can know the development of the fetus, the above problems cannot be known in detail. Therefore, pregnant women need to cooperate with other examinations during pregnancy, not only pay attention to color Doppler ultrasound examinations.

1. Early Tang’s screening

Donald screening is needed around fifteen weeks of pregnancy, and Tang family screening is performed through ultrasound, and the risk of the fetus suffering from the Tang family syndrome is calculated by examination.

Second, Central Tang screening

At about 18 weeks of pregnancy, you need to use blood drawing to screely screen, mainly combined with the age and weight of pregnant women and the risk of pregnancy weeks.

Third, routine blood examination

Pregnant women conduct a monthly routine check and check whether there are anemia.

Fourth, sugar tolerance check

During 28 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women need to do sugar -resistant examination, especially for some pregnant women with obesity or too much weight gain during pregnancy. Through this examination, they can know whether pregnant women have gestational diabetes.

Warm reminder, pregnant women should clearly know that although the color Doppler ultrasound can be checked in a comprehensive scope, some detailed problems cannot be checked. They also need to cooperate with other examination items during pregnancy to make them better to give birth to the fetus and make the fetus healthy.Development, and at the same time, we must also pay attention to avoid some radiation examinations to prevent the fetus from being affected.

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