Can my wife still have "intercourse" when I am pregnant?Summary 2 points of precautions

Husbands and wives have a harmonious and happy sex life, which is the basic condition for each other’s feelings.Because of sexual impulse, reasonable satisfaction can increase the sense of joy, and it can also make each other’s feelings more harmonious.However, after women are pregnant, their bodies are worsened. Many people do not know how long they can have sexual life. Whether behaviors should have an impact on women or fetuses should be understood. Only in the right time can the same room ensure safety.

How long can women have sex after pregnancy? Most people are unclear, and the pregnancy time is long. Most of them take about ten months. In the early pregnancy, sexual life is not suitable for sexual life.Women in early pregnancy often have a pregnancy reaction, and various discomforts are obvious. They may not be interested in sexual life. At this time, the fetus is not stable, and the risk of blind sex abortion increases.In the third trimester of pregnancy, the stomach became significantly larger, and the same room was inconvenient at this time.The most suitable time is the second trimester, the body is in good condition, and the fetus is stable. At this time, the same room is relatively safe.

Do I need to use a condom?

Regarding whether men in the same room need to wear condoms after pregnancy, this question must be understood.For the sake of insurance, it is necessary for men to use condoms, because the role of condoms is not only effective contraception, but also can reduce the spread of germs, so as not to allow some germs to enter women in the process of cross -infection, which affects their health.

Some men themselves have diseases and poor hygiene conditions. They may be infectious to women after the same room. They should pay more attention to sanitary problems when they are pregnant.

What else should you pay attention to?

Women should pay attention to hygiene problems in the same room after pregnancy. The body cleaning work before and after the same room can be done well. To maintain the private parts of the private parts by correctly bathing, it can reduce the breeding of bacteria.

Some people do not pay attention to the details, especially the male reproductive organs are unhygienic, and may carry certain pathogens. It is spread during the follow -up room. Women may have gynecological diseases.Gynecological health problems have been pregnant, which will undoubtedly have an impact on women’s own health and fetus.Therefore, the body is cleaned before and after sex, and health work should be paid attention to.

Because women’s body burdens increases after pregnancy, it is not important to meet the physiological needs in the second trimester, but they cannot frequently carry out sexual life.Some men’s movements are rude, and sexual life has been carried out for a long time. If women are more excited during the same room, they will stimulate the body.

Occasionally, sexual life meets the sexual needs, but cannot be excessive.If you think that the second trimester is absolutely safe and constantly carried out sexual life, the frequency is too high, and there are also risks, and you need to be based on the premise of safety and correct life.

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