Can I wash my hair and take a bath after a small confinement after miscarriage?Of course, but pay attention to 4 matters

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Due to the poor development of the girlfriend Xiaoyang during pregnancy, she could only abort at the advice of the doctor, and sat at home.Due to weak bodies, my mother came to take care of her, and asked for warmth and meticulous, so that Xiao Yang’s lost heart had a slight warmth.

However, she was also distressed. One week after the operation, she felt a little itchy with her hair and her body. She wanted to wash it, but her mother did not agree.It is also said that even the small confinement can not take a bath and wash your hair, otherwise the disease will fall when it is cold.

Xiaoyang looked at her mother so insisting, and finally boiled for a month, and felt that the whole person was bad.

No matter which kind of confinement, there is a sentence in the older generation: you can’t take a bath and wash your hair.Does this say make sense?

In fact, it is certainly possible whether a small confinement or a formal confinement.The reason why this is inconsistent with tradition is mainly caused by living conditions.

In the past, it was not very developed. It could not guarantee the warmth of the house. In addition, women had no knowledge of breeding. They all did what the older generation said, and it was passed down.

However, the living conditions are different now, and the closedness and thermal heating of the house are also better. The weather can be turned on air conditioning. There is heating in the north.The water heaters have enough hot water during the bath, as well as various equipment such as Yuba and Hair dryers, so as not to cool.

If the pregnant mother has good physical conditions, and there is no symptoms such as headache and dizziness, you can take a bath and wash your hair.Another point is that the breeding knowledge reserves of modern women is better. I know how to take care of themselves during pregnancy and what to pay attention to.

As long as the practice is scientific, taking a bath will be better from the perspective of sanitation.

1. Choose the timing of good mental state

After finishing surgery, many women will feel unwell, and even a little dizzy. Do not take a bath during this time.After a few days, I feel that my body is in a good condition and my mental state is good, and then consider cleaning my body.

2. Time must not be too long

During the confinement period, the body has not returned to the normal state, so the washing time should not be too long. After washing, you should quickly dry and dry it to avoid cold.

3. The water temperature and room temperature should be appropriate

Be sure to prepare before bathing, check the room temperature, and adjust the temperature of the water heater.

It is not recommended to take a bath when the room is too cool or the water temperature is too low. Of course, you can also adjust according to the actual situation and use the bath to help.

4. Don’t take a bath when bleeding

After the abortion surgery, there will be bleeding in the first few days, which is not suitable for bathing.

In addition, even if you do not bleed, you can take a bath, and it is best to choose the way of shower. Do not take a bath, otherwise infection is prone to occur.

1. contraception

Although it is a small confinement, some things also need to pay special attention. After all, abortion is a field surgery, which is not damaged to the body.Especially the uterus takes time to recover, generally more than 3 months.

But at this time, women’s bodies will also ovulate, so they must pay attention to contraception, otherwise they will not afford to get pregnant again.Frequent abortion is not just damaging the body. In severe cases, it may cause inflammation, and even unable to get pregnant again.

2. Hygiene of private parts

Within a few days after the abortion surgery, there will be bleeding. Be sure to protect it. Pay attention to replace the sanitary napkins often. The underwear should be cleaned and replaced regularly.

In the small confinement stage, the private parts are cleaned with warm water every day, and the toilet should be cleaned to ensure hygiene.

3. Observe the doctor’s order

After the operation, the treatment of each hospital is not the same. Some of them are prescribed with anti -inflammatory drugs, but they must abide by the doctor’s instructions anyway, which is also responsible for themselves.

4. Supplementary nutrition

Pay attention to nutritional supplements during the small confinement, which is beneficial to the body. Eat more protein -rich foods in your daily diet, such as milk and eggs, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to supplement vitamins, animal liver supplements, etc.It’s almost the same as normal confinement.

However, some foods cannot be eaten, such as spicy, greasy or blood circulation effects.

5. Keep warm measures in place

In addition to wearing warmth, you should also pay attention to taboos, such as not to touch things that are too cold, especially in the first week.

6. Rest more

In fact, the country has relevant regulations in this regard: women’s pregnancy abortion has 15 days of maternity leave.

This also illustrates from the side that the minimum break is at least 14 days.Of course, the longer the rest time is, the better, which is more conducive to physical recovery.

7. Regular review after surgery

After finishing the operation, it usually takes about 10 days. Go to the hospital for review to check the recovery of the uterus to see if the uterus is clean. Do n’t think that it is a lot of infection after the operation.

All in all, abortion also causes women to suffer great vitality. The small confinement must pay attention to it. In case of sequelae because of great intentions, these consequences must be borne by themselves.

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