Can I take medicine when I am pregnant?Chinese medicine is also a medicine. Can pregnant women take Chinese medicine?

Pregnant mommy "medicine" be careful!

Sore throat, nasal congestion, and fever are common symptoms of colds. Most people may see a doctor and take medicine to reduce the symptoms. However, for pregnant mothers, it should be difficult to choose. The most important thing is to worry about ""I don’t know if there is any adverse effect on the baby?

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How to take "medicine"?

Once, I just stepped into the clinic and saw a expectant mother pulling the doctor to ask questions with anxiety.It turned out that she was a expectant mother who had just knew pregnancy. She said worried: "Doctor, I don’t know that she is pregnant. When I have a cold a few days ago, I also took a cold medicine. Will there be a problem with children?" This question, this question, this question, this question, this question,I believe that each obstetrician and gynecologist often encounters that most of them are worried that drugs may cause fetal malformations, and they are afraid that they will stop pregnancy and avoid abnormal babies.

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Although many drugs will enter the fetus through the placenta, which will have an adverse effect on the fetus and even cause abnormal fetuses.However, there are also many medicines that are safe. Taking it during pregnancy will not cause fetal abnormalities.The commonly used cold medicine and gastrointestinal medicine will not have much impact on the fetus, so the expectant parents do not have to think too much.If you are really worried, you can show the medicine or gynecologists who have taken the medicine or medicine she had taken as the expectant mother above, so that the physician gives a professional judgment, and you can get pregnant with no problem.

As for some pregnant women, there will be itching when the belly is during pregnancy. Generally, doctors will prescribe some antipruritic external medicines for pregnant moms. Because this medicine is not easy to enter the body and is absorbed by the fetus, it is safer.

Chinese medicine is also a medicine

During an outpatient clinic, a pregnant mother had contraction symptoms. At that time, I asked her if she had taken food or medicines. She said, "I didn’t take any western medicine after pregnancy, but the elders in the family bought some expensive Chinese medicinal materials.I boiled some soup for me, but this should not be considered a medicine, is it a soup? "When I heard the words of this pregnant mother, I immediately came with her a medical knowledge to share.

When it comes to western medicine, many pregnant moms will worry about it and dare not eat randomly, but the use of Chinese medicine is less taboo. Even many mother -in -law and mother think that Chinese medicine is not considered medicine, so it is often stewed to pregnant women at home.Although she thinks that Chinese medicine is not related to food, I think that since it is medicine, no matter whether western medicine and Chinese medicine must be prescribed through a qualified physician, and remember to inform the physician’s state of pregnancy, it is safer!

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Doctor’s control of "medicine" peace of mind

In addition, pregnant women are not suitable for health foods in the world.In addition, many expectant mothers like to supplement vitamins are basically a kind of medicine, so taking vitamin must also be cautious. Generally speaking, pregnant women who are pregnant have dedicated vitamins, and the general vitamin of general adults is not suitable for pregnant women.Because pregnant women are dedicated to adding nutrients such as folic acid and iron and calcium during pregnancy, it is more suitable for pregnant women.

It is also necessary to call on all pregnant moms that taking drugs during pregnancy requires detailed assessment and consultation by obstetrics and gynecologists or professionals to ensure their health of their fetus.However, do not refuse to take drugs that should be used because you are afraid of the fetus. If you delay the treatment or stop taking the drug, it will also affect the health of the fetus and mothers.In fact, doctors all ask pregnant moms as much as possible to replace medicine by taking more rest and drinking water, so the expectant parents don’t have to worry too much. The doctor will only prescribe the medicine without it.After learning that you are pregnant, you can ask your doctor to ask about the use of drugs. With this knowledge, I believe that the whole pregnancy will know how to take care of yourself!

Good pregnancy knowledge: the safety level of prescription drugs

Whether the drug causes the fetus to cause the fetus is affected by various factors, such as: the dose of the drug, the toxicity of the drug, the length of use … and so on.In the first eight weeks of the pregnancy cycle, it is an important order for organ formation. If it is taken to cause teratogenic drugs, it is easy to produce terators.After 8 weeks of the pregnancy cycle, the abnormal effects of large structures have little effect, but it will still affect the growth of the fetus and the development of the organs.In the following table, in principle, obstetrician and gynecologists will be prescribed to Class C drugs, and D and X are drugs that are not used at all.

Category of Pregnancy and Drug Safety of the American Drug Food Inspection Agency: Holocating definition of the A -level human control group experiment cannot confirm that it is dangerous for the fetus of the first stage of pregnancy, and the possibility of harming the fetus is extremely small.Class B animal experiments cannot be confirmed to be dangerous to the fetus, but there is no human control group experiment; although animal experiments have confirmed that they have a bad effect on the fetus, they cannot confirm the danger to the fetus in the pregnant women’s control group experiments.C -level animal experiments show that the fetus can cause terators or dead fetuses, but there is no experiment of the control group of pregnant women, and there is also a lack of pregnant women’s experiments and animal experiments.Class D has confirmed that it is dangerous to human fetuses, but some cases can still be considered (when life -threatening or suffering from severe diseases, it is not available or invalid).Grade X animal or human experiments has confirmed that the fetus will be abnormal, or human experiments (or two) confirmed that it is dangerous to the fetus.At the same time, the danger of drugs on pregnant women obviously exceeds the advantages of drug treatment.

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